How to Write a Research Proposal

If you are doing research abroad, although your language of research will perhaps be English, you can also add another language depending on the place of your research stay; i.e. Japan, Germany, France, Italy, and so forth. It is always good to have knowledge of the local language. This also means you should include books or articles in the bibliography written in the local language. It is not mandatory to prove your command of the latter (unless required by the funding institution). For example, short research stays in Germany could be conducted in English, without proving any command of German.

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How to write a research proposal, including its major stages of conceptualization and development

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You can see that a research paper proposal takes a lot of time and efforts, and that you need to plan all the steps of your research prior to writing the proposal. Do not worry of being rejected: you can improve your proposal, and some day it will be approved. You just need to keep going, to believe in your potential and capacities!

How to Write a Research Proposal?

Every research paper proposal must be submitted by a particular date, and accompanied by additional documents required by the funding institution (oftentimes these are: Letter of recommendation, CV, list of publications). Make yourself sure you have fulfilled all the requirements and that you have sent the documents on time and to the correct address. You should also keep a copy of all your documents for yourself.

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Stage 4: Interpretation of the data gathered during the research. Proposing some measures for integration of the Vietnamese immigrants.

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The problem of hybrid identity has become more and more popular with the waves of immigration to the United States, Canada and Western Europe during the last two decades. Hybrid identity is defined as belonging to the local community and to one’s native community at the same time. This project will aim at gaining new knowledge about the identity of the Vietnamese immigrants in the town X, by conducting research locally. After the research is finished, some measures for stronger integration into the local community will be proposed.

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The structure of a research paper proposal can be changed according to the level of the project and the requirements of the funding institution. However, there are several sections which are mandatory:

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How to write a research proposal

Every piece of research you need to write has to be approved by a given commission or institution in order your project to be funded. In contemporary world, without funds no researcher can carry out their project, whether in the United States or abroad. Thus, before starting to write a proposal for a research project, you must pass the stage of its evaluation, and eventually its approval. turns out to be a serious task for everyone who aspires towards scientific career.

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The two outlines below are intended to show both what are the standardparts of a proposal and of a science paper. Notice that the only real difference is that you change "expected results" to "results" in the paper, and usually leavethe budget out, of the paper.

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This is only a draft of your research paper proposal. The latter will endure several changes thanks to which you will be able to formulate your hypothesis and research methodology in an improved manner. The initial draft will serve only as a basis for writing the complete research paper proposal. Therefore, you need to have at least three or four months to write an excellent research proposal at college level. This still depends on the particular field of research: Social sciences and Humanities usually require less time for writing a proposal. Natural sciences, on the other hand, require from you a lot of experience (you should have conducted similar experiments before) and comprehensive, expert knowledge on the topic.