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So you see, Basho's oft-quoted advice, "to know thepine, go to the pine" is also a clue to understandingthe metaphors in his work. For instance, in his "summergrass / the dreams /of warriors" became clear to me onesummer day while sitting before a hillside of long, driedgrass. As the afternoon wind blew up the slopes, theheavy-headed (sleepy-like) grasses bent and waved. The sheenon the polished stalks flashed and darkened in patterns as ifthe ghostly people were dashing toward the top -- as if wavesof attacking warriors were flowing -- flanking --followingsome unseen desire. That Basho surely saw this very sameeffect while visiting a famous battlefield gives addedcredence to the metaphor of warriors' dreams, their passionsand ambitions, being as worthless as dried grass which movedso it looked as if the soldiers were still, in their spirithusks, charging up the hill.

‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ in the year 1804.

Wandering lonely as a cloud is good for poets but not so good for speakers.

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For the dedicated fisherperson (a lot of women writehaiku, too) there are several magazines to which we cansubscribe. These are especially treasured in the off-monthswhen one can't get away long enough to drop a line into thepool of unconsciousness, when all the ideas have dried up orare frozen over. Reading of the success of others is oftenjust the right incentive to give us courage to get out thereto try out a new lure or seek out a new fishing hole.

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This book includes both new essays and revised versions of classic works by recognized authorities on Black Elk. The author explores Black Elk's life and texts and illustrates his relevance to today's scholarly discussions. Black Elk is considered from a postcolonial perspective. The book also provides an annotated bibliography and a sensitive guide to the issues surrounding cultural appropriation. With its unusually broad range of academic disciplines and perspectives, this book shows that Black Elk stands at the intersection of today's scholarly discussions.

Random, cloud like, wandering gives the obvious impression that you don’t know where you are going and reflects on your message indirectly.
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(1863--1950) was a renowned , and holy man of the () Native American tribe. When he was nine years old, he became ill and lost consciousness. As he lay dying, his face and limbs swelled up severely and he was unresponsive for several days. During this time he had a near-death experience in which he was visited by two men, known as "", coming from the clouds. These beings then took Black Elk to a council of "the six Grandfathers" who are spiritual representatives of the six sacred directions: west, east, north, south, above, and below - known to the Lakotas as the "Powers of the World." Black Elk found himself at the "axis" of these six sacred directions. Mythologist described it as the ", the central point, the pole around which all revolves ... the point where stillness and movement are together." Campbell viewed Black Elk's vision as key to understanding and symbols. Black Elk's worldview shaped his near-death experience using sacred Native American cultural symbols such as rainbows, clouds, and light. During his NDE, the Grandfathers each gave Black Elk special powers not unlike or : life, death, healing, awakening, peace, renewal, transcendent vision, Black Elk stated:

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Part of the success of Equiano’s narrative must be ascribed to the familiar themes of capture, captivity, and restoration that he experienced and many had read in one of the many “captivity narratives” that were so popular in early Colonial times....

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When the singing stopped, I was feeling lost and very lonely. Then a Voice above me said, "Look back!" It was a spotted eagle that was hovering over me and spoke. I looked, and where the flaming rainbow tepee, built and roofed with cloud, had been, I saw only the tall rock mountain at the center of the world. I was all alone on a broad plain now with my feet upon the earth, alone but for the spotted eagle guarding me. I could see my people's village far ahead, and I walked very fast, for I was homesick now. Then I saw my own tepee, and inside I saw my mother and my father bending over a sick boy that was myself. And as I entered the tepee, some one was saying: "The boy is coming to; you had better give him some water."

Then I was sitting up; and I was sad because my mother and my father didn't seem to know I had been so far away.