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Reading a reflective essay on bullying can inspire others to share their experience. This is the hope and expectation of people who want to reduce the incidence of bullying. Having the essays in a single document file or a web page will surely be convenient for those interested in the different programs designed to stop bullying. The resulting influence of the desired essay will depend upon how it is written and many essayists have made suggestions on the format and content of the essay.

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To increase public awareness on bullying, students are encouraged to write a reflective essay on bullying. Perhaps, the publishing of the sad experience undergone by victims will lead to a reduction of bullying incidents if more people are made aware of the sad effects of these unfortunate happenings. Many agree that an essay written by persons who have direct knowledge of bullying like the victims, teachers, witnesses and bystanders can inspire people to participate in programs that aim to put a stop to bullying.

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Woolf's short story "Kew Gardens" is a vivid example of that kind of inspiration someone with the sense of hearing can find just by taking a walk in the park one afternoon....