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In the dialogue there is a transition from in which the intellectual states philosophy is learning some of the arts to Socrates concluding philosophers are useless.

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This topic is of great relevance to me as I will be going into the school counseling profession.

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I left home of my own accord for the first time at 14. I did move back periodically, but rarely for more than a few weeks at a time, and I always maintained economic independence from my mother; in fact, sometimes, I supported her and my brother in addition to myself. I worked as a prostitute from the ages of 14 to 19 and used drugs through most of this time period. When I left the life, I latched on to the first man who would have me, got married, and had a son, thereby jumping from one unhealthy, abusive situation to another. I left my husband less than a year after we married and have been a happy single mother ever since.

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American Film Institute is, arguably, the best film program in the world. Its conservatory environment and selectivity appealed to me. The same goes for Chapman, another highly selective school with extensive resources. Loyola Marymount’s program is new and very small, but it is definitely making waves in the industry. I had wonderful conversations with students and faculty from all three institutions, and they all seemed to embrace the ideals I sought in a program-- artistic freedom, hands-on experience, and integration into the professional world. These three programs are in and around Los Angeles, which is a key location for filmmaking opportunities. Conversely, although University of Texas-Austin is far removed from the LA/Hollywood sphere, their program is excellent, and Austin has a distinctive and truly independent film scene, and the graduate program at UT offers internship and employment opportunities in Los Angeles.

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Through this internship, I was able to see the applicability of some of the concepts we have discussed in my Criminal Justice classes. I was able to observe first-hand the effect that mental illness has on individuals. I heard about patients’ financial struggles, social problems, and, obviously, health issues. I saw how certain mental illnesses may lead to criminal activity, such as shoplifting or drug use. I also saw how being the victim of a crime can result in the development of mental health issues such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression.

In the state of Georgia, any child from the age 0-16 goes through that process of the court every time they get into trouble....

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The importance of an internship experience cannot be overstated. Today, employers favor prospective employees who have done not only one internship but multiple internships. A college education will serve to propel a graduate into a profession by conferring a degree, which demonstrates an academic proficiency in various theoretical and practical examples of ways that a job might be performed. An internship makes the classroom’s abstract theories and learned examples concrete by placing the student in a real life work situation with real live co-workers performing actual professional tasks, which the job encompasses.

Worst of all, it often answers questions that we as humans have no business answering with any certainty.

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An employer gets to see an intern in action on a day to day basis. Did the intern show up for “work” on time? Was the intern interested in the daily operations? Did the intern demonstrate proficiency in what they brought to the workplace and learn various new tasks easily? Did the intern show initiative to go above and beyond the call of duty? Was the intern a positive force in the workplace? These and many other questions are readily answered when an intern performs in an internship. These are questions an employer would love to have answered about every new employee they need to hire. Seeing these various qualities demonstrated in action is better than trying to ascertain them in an interview. So, if a job opens up at the workplace and an intern demonstrates skill in all of the job’s necessary duties and responsibilities, guess who’s going to get offered the job? The hardworking intern is.