Every year the amount of online piracy is raised.

The five most common types of software piracy are end user piracy, client-server overuse, Internet piracy, hard disk loading, and software counterfeiting.

Online piracy happens all over the world.

That means every year the US economy is worsening due to online piracy.

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of Internet regulation...

There are many organization joining together to combat piracy, to include the United States, United Nations, international organizations, European Union’s Operation Atalanta, NATO’s Operations Allied Protector and Ocean Shield and Combined Maritime Forces’ Combined Task Force 151, but without judicial conseque...

Online piracy affects everyone and it needs to be stopped.

Even though these online pirates steal music and movies from other companies and make a drastic profit, yet these “rogue” websites receive 53 billions visits a year from across the globe according to Creative America....

Adobe Photoshop is the most pirated software on the internet, usually costing $1,000.

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Poskim, the formulators of the halacha, have had to make decisions on a variety of topics to accommodate fast-paced advancements in areas ranging from travel (When does one crossing the International Date Line celebrate a holiday?) to home appliances (Under what circumstances may one use a refrigerator on the Sabbath?).

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There are many types of software that can be pirated including operating systems, application programs, as well as internet downloads including music, software, or movies.

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One researcher commented on the topic, saying that piracy has “…been romanticized in such films as Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean” (Lunsford, “What Makes Piracy Work?”).

In 2010 the music industry lost $12 billion to online piracy of music and music videos.

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With the largest interactivity that the internet allows, the ease in which sites and its contents can be created, and the extent that it is spread all people, we risk not being able to defend what is ours.

Over the past few years, the US government have started acts to stop online piracy.

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Software piracy is a large global issue, which has become a more pressing issue due to a number of reasons: software is now easier to distribute on a global scale due to global access to the internet; culturally, people have not been taught that copying software is like stealing; a physical component does not need to be manufactured; and finally individuals stat...

What is the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court over piracy.

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According to the International Maritime Bureau (2011) report, more than 60% of the piracy attacks were committed by Somali pirates in the first six months of 2011 and many of the attacks have been east and north-east of the Gulf of Aden where is a passage for 70% of the world’s petroleum traffic and 20% of the world’s commercial shipping....