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In his classic paper Kanner (1943) identified three essential features of infantile autism (i.e., social isolation, need for sameness and mutism or non-communicative speech)....

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The bill will appropriate almost 1 billion dollars in the next 5 years to speed up Autism research.

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Since the 1940s, when Doctors Kanner and Asperger were putting their remarkable insights regarding socially different children on paper, we have learned a great deal. As you peruse this website and other sources of information on autism, you will see how much has been discovered about autism spectrum disorder from research in a wide variety of fields, including genetics, neuroscience, and cognitive psychology.

Most of the research that has been done concerning autisticfamilies is how siblings are affected.

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The hypothesis that autism may be due to over arousal of thereticular system has been set aside due to the results of recentstudies that do not allow researchers to claim that there is infact a relationship between arousal and overt behaviors (, 1996.).

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DMG (Dimethylglycine)
This compound, found in many health food stores, is legally classified as a food, not a vitamin or a drug. Some researches say that it improves speech in autistic children. Those who respond to the treatment will usually do so within a week of starting the treatment. Again, many of the doctors do not feel that the studies are adequate to advocate for this treatment.

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The abstract concepts in algebra present a common stumbling block for many with an autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, or other learning problems. Many of the kids would do well if geometry was substituted for algebra. For autistic and photo-realistic visual thinkers, such as Grandin, understanding comes from being able to see and work through a concept in images, creating what is in effect, a virtual reality program that plays out in the brain. In this manner, Grandin, who didn’t speak until she was almost 4, conceptualized down to minute details her design for a humane livestock restraint system now used on nearly half to the cattle in the U.S.

Fortunately, the academic trend in the late 1960’s was finite math, a course Grandin passed with the help of tutors and devoted study, satisfying her college math requirement. She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology and both masters and doctoral degrees in animal science. For the past two decades, she’s been a professor at Colorado State University.

In her book, The Autistic Brain, she presents research findings that definitely show three types of specialized thinking. They are the photo realistic visual thinkers who think the way I do, math/pattern thinkers and word thinkers. Children who think differently will often thrive if they have more hands-on activities. Parents need to work with the schools to make sure that elementary school children have art, music, theater, sewing, woodworking, computer programs, and cooking . These classes teach important career skills and provide opportunities for students to have social interactions with their peers. Older students need to have access to career related classes such as welding, auto mechanics, and computer science.

There is a huge shortage of skilled mechanics. When I worked in construction installing my systems, I worked with many talented mechanics and metal fabricators. Some of them may have been on the milder end of the autism spectrum. These people were brilliant and they built very complicated things. Skilled trades are not for everybody on the spectrum. I estimate that a skilled trade would be a good choice for 25% of fully verbal people with ASD. When I look back on a long career, some of the best days of my life were out at a construction site. It was so much fun to talk about building things.

Later in the paper we consider two models which aim to characterise the autistic spectrum.

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In this term paper, I will be discussing the disorder of Autism, a sever disorder that affects the function of the brain. It causes problems in such areas as social contact, intelligence, language and speech impediments, along with ritualistic or compulsive behaviors, as well as different responses to the environment that an autistic individual may have different than individuals not having autism would exhibit. I will be talking generally about the history and description of autism, the cause, affected age group, signs and symptoms that mark a autistic individual, the people who an autistic individual may go to for medical help and treatment, the actual treatment that a autistic person may receive, risk factors that a autistic person may encounter, how you would asses someone with autism, activities that a individual who has autism may take part in, and also the long term affects and treatment goals for someone who has autism should be trying to accomplish. I feel that by doing all of this that I will gain a greater sense of understanding for individuals with autism so as to better help them if I should ever have the privilege to work with an autistic person. I will be giving this information to you by going through each topic that I have outlined in the introduction and explaining what each means and how they affect an individual with autism.

Enhanced visual search for a conjunctive target in autism: A research note.

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By means of scientific exploration along with advanced medical diagnosis in children, researchers currently recognize that the increase in autism claims are not vaccine linked....

This year’s research showed that there has been an increment in children with autism, and they don’t understand why this is increasing.

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