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Giuseppe Mazzini, Count Camilo Benso Cavour and Giuseppe Garibaldi organized and inspired the people of Italy to unite and support a solid constitution which was not only key to unification but gave long term stability to Ita...

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There were three key members of this gradual process who made the unification of Italy possible.

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This would be a challenging task for anyone as after the creation of Italy in 1861, many people were still very bitter about being forced into such an unnatural unification and this resentment towards the government and each other was bound to lead to problems....

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One point that should be made clear about Italian unification is that rather than one large organisation there were many separate movements, each with their own ideas and intentions concerning Italy.

Piedmont’s determination and commitment to the endorsement of its own interests, inadvertently paved the way for Italian unification.
1858-1870: The unification of Italy Introduction To understand the unification of Italy, matters before the revolution need to be examined.

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With the help of some historical revolutionaries such as Mazzini, Garibaldi, Cavour and the combination of multiple independence wars, Italy finally saw a reconstruction of its government and a unification of the nation....

Cavour provoked a war against the Austrians and french and Italy went to war and won two consecutive wars in row....

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Despite the fact that the history of the Italian peninsula is so rich and so well known, many people forget that Italy is a very young country—even younger than the United States. In fact, the Italy that we know today did not become unified until 1861 and Rome did not become her capital until 1871. The vast Italian Risorgimento collection held in Archives and Special Collections contains three parts—books, pamphlets, and broadsides—and allows us to better understand the Italian revolutionary period that led up to Unification.

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France also played a role in the unification of Italy by firstly
protecting the Papal States and therefore keeping the unification from
occurring earlier.