The main point in the cosmological argument is the first cause.

Now the problem with this view is that it is, essentially, nihilism. If not, then it is just a step or two away from it. If the alternative to belief in the existence of God is that the universe just popped into being, uncaused, out of nothing, then I struggle to see how it is that the atheistic view would be more intellectually satisfying. If I saw a turtle sitting on a fence, I would not be compelled by the idea that it is “just there,” a “brute fact.” I would take no solace in the idea that a sophisticated academic thought that. In short, I would win the debate with the atheist version of myself over the Cosmological Argument for God’s existence.

Thomas Aquinas' Cosmological Argument

This scientific argument refutes the Kalam.

The cosmological argument is basically an argument about causation.

The cosmological argument is the argument from the existence of the world or universe to the existence of a being that brought it into and keeps it in existence....

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The cosmological argument is however not a valid argument in explaining the existence of god because the conclusions do not logically follow the premises.

The Cosmological Argument takes several forms but is basically represented below.

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My objective in this paper is to explain why the Cosmological Argument is a reasonable argument for the existence of God, the importance of understanding that it is an inductive a posteriori argument, and defend my position against common opposing arguments....

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However, two arguments proclaim themselves to be the “better” way of justifying the existence of God: The Cosmological Argument and the Mystical Argument.

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The course was based around Dr. Reichenbach’s Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on the Cosmological Argument and a new article by Dr. Fodeh on cosmological arguments in the kalam tradition. The topics covered included philosophical debates around the Principle of Sufficient Reason, the relationship between the ontological and cosmological arguments in analytic philosophy, the Gale-Pruss cosmological argument, Swinburne’s inductive cosmological argument, the scriptural backdrop of traditional kalam arguments, an overview of kalam arguments for God’s existence and attributes, the debate between Ghazali and Ibn Rushd over the beginning of the universe, modality and necessity in the kalam tradition, and arguments for the impossibility of an infinite series of causes.

The cosmological argument begins with a general claim about the physical universe e.g.

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The cosmological argument is a classic argument, which tries to prove the existence of God, and this argument is based on the fact that the world’s existence needs to be explained.

The first three ‘ways’ are different variations of the cosmological argument.

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A group of graduate students from Tubingen, Munster, Berlin, Istanbul, and Cambridge participated in a 5-day long crash course on the Kalam Cosmological Argument in Analytic Philosophy and Traditional Kalam. The crash course was held at the Center for Islamic Theology at the University of Tubingen and taught by Dr. Bruce Reichenbach (Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Augsburg College), Hamza Karamali (KRM), and Yasser Qureshi (PhD candidate in Islamic theology at the University of Cambridge). Dr. Saeed Fodeh (Jordan) was originally scheduled to teach at the course but was unable to attend in person. He did, however, deliver a 2-hour lecture to the students over Skype.

The Cosmological Argument for the existence of God is based on the principle of cause and effect.

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Medieval philosopher Saint Thomas Aquinas expanded upon their ideas in the late 13th Century when he wrote, “The Five Ways.” Since then the Cosmological Argument has become one of the most widely accepted and criticized arguments for the existence of God.