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Abe Landau, who lived to the immediate West of Marilyn Monroe, had returned home from a dinner party late Saturday evening and had seen an ambulance and a police car parked in the cul-de-sac in front of the film star’s residence.

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Marilyn Monroe is an iconic sex symbol who will never be forgotten

Hi. Hi, uh, my name's Andrew, I'm calling from Toronto. Can you give me any details about the plot and/or the possible release date on the upcoming 'Holy Wood' film?Um, it's something that I'd like to film this year and it's something that most likely won't be seen until probably late next year. Um, Unfortunately the movie industry moves at a slower pace than the music industry does. Um, as far as the plot goes, I don't think I'd really like to tell anybody anything other than what I've already said in my brief statement. But I think, um, it's it's something, that uh, for me was essential to write, it's something that I've been writing for ten years, it's something that I've hinted at on on every album so far so I think it's going to answer a lot of questions people have had about things I suggest often uh, with symbolism, um, and it's it's a tragedy, uh, a lot of early reports were saying something about it being a love story or it being this or that, uh, but I don't think anybody, should, uh, try and decide what it's going to be until they see it for themselves. Thank you very much.Alright, Thank you Hello Marilyn.Hello. Hi this is Chris from Texas it's a pleasure to speak with you today.Good to speak with you. Alright, uh, My question is, how is your producing career going and are there any projects with you behind the console in the works?Um, currently, uh, I haven't really worked with any other artists, um, you know I produced the 'Highway To Hell' that we did for the 'Detroit Rock City'. I produced, uh, a song called 'Astonishing Panorama Of The End Times', which, uh, supposedly will be featured, uh, in Celebrity Deathmatch if they don't find it too offensive, uh, and I recently also produced a song called 'Fun Control', um, and plan on doing a new album, you know I'd like to work with, um, a lot of people, but it's a matter of having the right time and finding the right situation. I plan on, um, using this website in the next year, revamping it and making it a place where anybody who's interested in things that are going against the grain that are, uh, thought provoking in any way whether it be music or movies that they would come here and even beyond Marilyn Manson music, other bands, uh, other movies, I want to make my website a place where people can forsake, uh, you know the confines of regular television, the confines of regular record companies and find stuff that artists really want to show their fans, not things they have to censor. Wow, that sounds really great, thank you very much.Thank you.What's the next caller? Hi, uh, Alexander from Norway.Hi. Hi, um, What you see when you are performing, you look in the eyes in the audience? Uh, do you see a reflection of how you were when you were young, um, because I've been both to your concerts, your concerts, concerts here in Norway and both times our eyes are met.Um, it's hard to say, I think, um, in a lot of way, I get from the audience, what, um, in a way, I guess it makes me feel like I did when I was, before I was a performer, and I would go see bands, um, it's unfortunate that I'll never able to to be that again, that I could never go to a show and feel the same way that I did when I was 16 or 20 even, um, but I think what I see in people's eyes is often, um, uh, sometimes hatred, sometimes fear, sometimes confusion, sometimes excitement, sometimes, uh, passion, it's uh, I, I think it's everything at once and it's never able to, it's not something I can ever define or describe, I think uh, it would be exciting for anybody to discover it on their own by by doing the same as I did. I think, you know, you should create something of your own and and see people's reaction I guess it's probably, uh, the simple way of answering it it's the best thing that I've ever seen, is what I see in peoples eyes. Mmm, Okay.Alright, Thanks.Who's the next caller? Hey Manson, this is Jenni from Minnesota.Hello Jenni. And um, you expand from self-knowledge and individuality, so how does being and living in superficial Hollywood affect you?Well, I've always found the most inspiration in places that I don't belong. I think it was living in Florida that inspired me to, uh, to make aggressive music because it was such a plastic Disney land sort of place and I think Hollywood is is very similar um, but I think there's places like this where the most work needs to be done. If I lived in a place where, I guess, if there were such a thing as a Utopia, I don't think art could exist there. I think you need uh, resistance, you need, uh, conflict to create, so... Just on a personal level, I think for me, I don't really leave the house, so where I live is could be anywhere in the world I kind of keep to myself, and sometimes I enjoy going to a movie, or something like that but, uh, I'm not one to really go out. Yeah, cool.Alright, who's the next caller. Hello.Hello. Hello, Hi.Yeah, go ahead. Oh, hi, My name's Mike from Temple Cove, Maryland. Um, now that music has really become so one dimensional, and all it really takes to become a star is, really, is like a catchy sample or sex appeal, so in spite of that, what are your hopes for the future of music?I think actually, uh, the state of music that we're in now, which I'm sure that most people would agree is, is the most miserable of our generation, is going to devour itself. So if anything, The more garbage I see, the happier it makes me because I know that it will force people to raise their standards. Uh, that's something I briefly touched upon in my opening statement today, um, I think there's a lot of garbage there's a lot of opportunists and record companies trying to churn out as much as they can, there's no more concern in the entertainment world for career artists or people who actually, uh, care about what they do. That's not to say that Brittany Spears doesn't care about what she does but there's no real concern for people uh like there was in the 70s with all the great bands we grew up loving but I think there will be, I think we're in a era very similar to the end of the 70s when disco was king and lot of people found that to be very shallow and what came after that was a lot of great things. So I hope, you know, I hope the new nine inch nails album makes a difference to people, I hope our record makes a difference to people, I hope um, you know, to see stuff from all the really great artists, There's a lot of underground people that, uh, like James Hall or PJ Harvey or, uh, a lot of people that I really have respect for that I'd love to see thrive in the next few years. Alright, Thanks.Alright, Thanks. Keep doing what you do.Thank you.Hello? Hello?Hi. Hi, This is Katrina from Brooklyn.Hi. Hi, um, I wanted to know if you think your music has a positive or negative influence on society's youth and why?Well I hope it has both because you can't have one without the other and I think the ignorance that we're taught when we're growing up that you have to pick, uh, the light or the dark is what makes man suffer the most and what makes man fail to evolve to his full potential, um, within the shadow is where most of the things that we identify most with, uh, comes from and, uh, the people who have this false belief and, uh, some sort of universal good and bad, uh, are the ones that are holding us back just as humans, so I hope that, uh, that that people take what they need from what I do. I think in the end I try to put out something that's positive in my eyes, I try to put out something that makes me feel good about myself and I try to put out something that makes other people feel good and identify with it and think that they're not alone and that's the most that I can really hope to do.

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Man's greatest fear is chaos. It was unthinkable that these kids did not have a simple black-and-white reason for their actions. And so a scapegoat was needed. I remember hearing the initial reports from Littleton, that Harris and Klebold were wearing makeup and were dressed like Marilyn Manson, whom they obviously must worship, since they were dressed in black. Of course, speculation snowballed into making me the poster boy for everything that is bad in the world. These two idiots weren't wearing makeup, and they weren't dressed like me or like goths. Since Middle America has not heard of the music they did listen to (KMFDM and Rammstein, among others), the media picked something they thought was similar.

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“It was Captain James Hamilton who confiscated Marilyn Monroe’s phone records, and it was Captain James Hamilton who directed the cover up of information relating to the circumstances of Marilyn Monroe’s death.”

What to write in an essay about Marilyn Monroe: general information, career, movies, death.

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Marilyn herself said, ‘Let’s all start to live before we get old” People who oppose any sort of murder theory bring up the fact that she tried to commit suicide several times in the past, but what better way to kill Marilyn Monroe than to make it appear like a suicide

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Think of it like this: Every Time you purchase something from the ESTATE OF MARILYN MONROE, you pay Dr. Ralph Greenson, the man who murdered Norma Jeane. Dr. Kris, Dr. Hohenberg, and Dr. Greenson were all working for Anna Freud. The money all goes to her.