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Perhaps there is no universally accepted definition of what we mean by "Victorian". To me it was a period of rigid rules, frozen class structures, and calcified sphincters. I also think of the malady as a kind of London flu that spread throughout the English-speaking world. (The rest of us could not expect to import only the good stuff.) Victorian attitudes seem a natural consequence of the industrial revolution combined with the establishment of the British Empire; these were the firm attitudes that disciplined and trained that large middle class that was so necessary for the control and functioning of the two vast domains. The "revolution" the expansion were well under way in Jane Austen's times; indeed, Jane's brothers were participating in both of these historical processes. However, the bad stuff had not yet begun.

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A 5 page paper on Dickens' 'A Tale Of Two Cities.' The writer shows us Dickens' literary technique in an attempt to understand his thematic portrayal of greed & selfishness within the French aristocracy. Issues concerning class, social structure, and more are explicated as they relate to this infamous novel. Quotes are used to support points made. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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A 9 page analysis of A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. The writer examines the influence of the French Revolution on the writer and the degree to which historic fact is a part of the book. Emphasizes that not only was the Revolution a revolution of contrasts, so is the book itself. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The theatricality of the characters and the beauty of her dialogue delivered by that magnificent cast made that series one that was watched …

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ctually, all of these women authors led very interesting and eventful lives. Maybe this is why Jane Austen shied away from any possible contact; although, she did send a copy of to Maria Edgeworth just before it was released to the public. Given Jane Austen's extreme shyness, this was a bold and dramatic act. , which doesn't surprise me, but couldn't she at least have sent a letter of acknowledgement? (Actually, Edgeworth's father was a close friend of an uncle and aunt of Jane Austen.)

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So what’s so wrong about that, as the critic Lionel Trilling asks rhetorically in his 1954 essay?
The characters in Jane Austen’s great novel, Mansfield Park, devote a great …

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It is difficult to describe ; try to imagine the Starkadder family of set down in London - set down in London where they are better dressed but where they display even worse manners. The only explanation I can offer for the popularity of this novel is that, at the time of its publication, it might have seemed very funny. I suspect that we have lost the cultural context to appreciate most of the humor at this date. What once may have seemed slapstick now appears to be simple cruelty. The novel is divided into three volumes and, for me, the first two are shockingly bad. It is impossible for me to imagine an intelligent person - let alone - ever holding a copy of this novel in her hands and thinking the first two volumes to be good. There is absolutely nothing in Jane Austen's writings, professional or private, to prepare me for that possibility.

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Hard Times, by Charles Dickens: Karl Marx Meets Jane Austen.

Though virtually unknown in her own lifetime, Jane Austen’s humorous novels of love and manners are now celebrated as among the best of British literature. Her work, which stands between the melodramatic style of the eighteenth century and the realism of the later nineteenth century, uses humor and social commentary to reflect on a woman’s place in English life. Austen wrote about a world in which women had no rights and no importance outside of marriage. Still, her attention to detail, unforgettable characters, and lively, humorous tone make her novels much more than drawing-room romances. Indeed, they are among the most beloved works in the English language.