The first and most well known view on attachment theory is that of J.

This essay will attempt to provide a brief and up to date summary of attachment theory and research, show how it is linked to Child Abuse, the Family, and Children and Divorce, critically evaluating attachment's predictive value....

Bowlby, who is known as the father of attachment theory.

LeeAttachment theory is one of the most studied aspects of psychology today.

This then marks the first sign of attachment.

The first category describes a failure to interact in developmentally appropriate ways while the second category describes an inability discriminate appropriate attachments to different groups of people (American Psychiat...

Theorists have postulated several varieties of insecure attachment.

Krukar did an excellent job summarizing the paper and also shed some light on attachment and the post-partum, something that I did not discuss in my paper.

Bowlby and Ainsworth's attachment models are common references in attachment theory research.

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Onecould argue that, by using this type of sample, the researchers set themselves up tosupport stability of attachment by not examining environmental factors that couldinfluence this development.

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At that point, depending on the situation, they may release both mother and child or keep them longer for further evaluation. I believe that attachment theory is based more on nurture just because children are guided and directed by their parents for a great percentage of their lives.

Bowlby developed his theory on ‘Attachment’

This'transmission' of attachment patterns supports the idea of internal working models thatextend into adulthood as guides for future relationships, as well as indicates thatattachment security is stable over time. Studies indicate that attachment is highly stable over the first two years oflife (Owen et al., 1984) and through the first 6 years of life (Main & Cassidy, 1988;Wartner et al., 1994).

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Due tomethodological and logistical challenges it is questionable whether the stability ofattachment will be empirically supported in the near future. The same type of methodological challenges are faced by those interested intesting the use of the Strange Situation cross-culturally.

Because attachment is thought to have an evolutionary basis, attachment theory is also related to .

How does that affect the attachment of the children?

At this point in time both the parents and child need to be sensitive to the fact that their relationship is changing, and this is impacting the attachment system dramatically.

Field also criticizes the attachment model because believes there are many limitations to it.

Attachment Q-sort correlates of the adult attachmentinterview.

545). After considering these limitations, Field (1996) came up with her own attachment model as described here:

A parsimonious model of attachment would need to accommodate multiple attachments to a variety of figures at different stages of life.

The most important aspects of attachment theory are presented and two criticalquestions are posed.

They are attachment, involvement, commitment, and belief.

Rochester Institute of Technology The section of Lee's paper on how parents were involved in the attachment process was where I ran into a problem.