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George Herbert Mead (1863–1931), American philosopher and socialtheorist, is often classed with William James, Charles Sanders Peirce,and John Dewey as one of the most significant figures in classicalAmerican pragmatism. Dewey referred to Mead as “a seminal mindof the very first order” (Dewey, 1932, xl). Yet by the middle ofthe twentieth-century, Mead's prestige was greatest outside ofprofessional philosophical circles. He is considered by many to be thefather of the school of Symbolic Interactionism in sociology andsocial psychology, although he did not use this nomenclature. PerhapsMead's principal influence in philosophical circles occurred as aresult of his friendship with John Dewey. There is little questionthat Mead and Dewey had an enduring influence on each other, with Meadcontributing an original theory of the development of the self throughcommunication. This theory has in recent years played a central rolein the work of Jürgen Habermas. While Mead is best known for hiswork on the nature of the self and intersubjectivity, he alsodeveloped a theory of action, and a metaphysics or philosophy ofnature that emphasizes emergence and temporality, in which the pastand future are viewed through the lens of the present. Although theextent of Mead's reach is considerable, he never published amonograph. His most famous work, Mind, Self, and Society: From theStandpoint of a Social Behaviorist, was published after his deathand is a compilation of student notes and selections from unpublishedmanuscripts.

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There is one further implication of this nature of the self to which I wish to callattention. It is the manner of its reconstruction. I wish especially to refer to it,because the point is of importance in the psychology of ethics.

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Mentality on our approach simply comes in when the organism is ableto point out meanings to others and to himself. This is thepoint at which mind appears, or if you like, emerges…. It isabsurd to look at the mind simply from the standpoint of theindividual human organism; for, although it has its focus there, it isessentially a social phenomenon; even its biological functions areprimarily social. (MSS, 132–133)

Which leads to my actual question, is there a social hierarchy among social psychologists?
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Professor Mead defines sensation in terms of act and not in terms of , and thus aligns himself with functional psychology. Objects exist in nature as patterns of action. Environment arises for the organism through the selective power of attention that is determined by its impulses seeking expression. The stream of ongoing activities of the organism defines its world for the organism. The physical object is a mental construct, and a percept is a "collapsed act.”[2]Concepts, according to Professor Mead, have the character of actions which are directed toward the attainment of an end. The same point of view is voiced by Professor J. Royce, according to whom "Ideas are like tools, they are there for an end."' Professor Stout also thinks that "Ideas are plans of action."' Professor Mead appears to be accepting the pragmatic point of view that ideas are not true in themselves, but represent labor-saving devices or abbreviating schemes for dealing with the vast and chaotic manifold of sensations.

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According to Professor Mead the transference of the `form of the social object' from the environment to one's inner experience takes place in the use of vocal gestures. By means of vocal gestures the individual stimulates himself in the same manner as he stimulates others. Self-stimulation and response create the form of the social object to which the amorphous subjective experience is referred. This gives rise to the self as an object. "What is there in human social conduct," asks Mead, "that gives rise to `me', as a self which is an object? Why does the human animal transfer the form of a social object from his environment to an inner experience?"

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Sociology, 'the study of the process of companionship';(pg.396, Ambercrombie,Hill,Turner), is a discipline, which is not exclusively independent in and of its self, yet borrows from many other disciplines such as: history, geography, and anthropology.

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