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Now the post in postmodern can be taken in a temporal chronologicalsense. Anything that comes after something else is "post"that something else. But this isn't quite the way in which postmodernis used. It's supposed, rather, to mean or imply art that supersedes,replaces, succeeds the modern in terms of stylistic evolution,the way that the baroque succeeded mannerism and the rococo succeededthe baroque. The corollary is that the modern is over and donewith, just as mannerism was over and done with when supersededby the baroque. But the problem for those who claim this becomesto specify what they mean, not by post, but by modern. Anythingin its own time can be called modern. However, what we usuallymean by modern is something considered up-to-date, abreast ofthe times, and going beyond the past in more than a temporallyor chronologically literal sense.

Postmodernism, on the other hand, is noticeable on Mamet’s play.

This Buzzle article tells you the differences between modernism and postmodernism.

World music, Djs, and remixes characterized postmodernism.

The aim of this essay is to explain how Post-Modernism has influenced our contemporary built environment and explain what other movements have derived from it.

Analyzing the Differences Between Modernism and Postmodernism

A definition of postmodernism will provide a better understanding of the trend that would show how it is relevant to contemporary culture and important for the future.

The developments in society, economy, and culture of the 1960s were impacted by postmodernism.

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Can postmodern be identified in an equally agreed upon wayin any of the other arts? I haven't yet seen or heard the termapplied in earnest to anything in recent literature. It's comeup in connection with music, but haphazardly and with no agreementabout what it means there. And from what I can tell it comes uphardly at all in talk about the dance or the movies. Away fromarchitecture, it's in the area of painting and sculpture thatI've mostly heard and seen postmodern used -- but only by criticsand journalists, not by artists themselves.

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The difference between modernism and postmodernism highlights the difference in the two approaches towards life.

Modernism describes a collection of cultural movements of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Music by those like Mozart and Beethoven, which was appreciated during modernism, became less popular in the postmodern era.

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The post-modernism architecture, however, is called a “neo-eclectic, significantly assuming the role of a regeneration of period styles for designing houses, and a never-ending variety of forms and characteristics, asymmetrical designs for commercial buildings” (Fullerton Heritage, 2008)....

For reasons that will become clear later in this essay, discussions of modernism in art have been couched largely in formal and stylistic terms.

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Moreover, it is decided that there occurs a split in the era after the Second World War where the “modern” era is halved into modern, the first noticeable half of the 20th century, and postmodern/post-nuclear, the second noticeable half of the 20th century.

Some believe that postmodernism was a response to modernism and hence consider them as two aspects of the same movement.

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Modernism was a movement that outstretched literature and poetry, yet provided a new amount of freedom for war poets, as it allowed them to express themselves in the modernist fashion of free forms and room for criticism on the modern world (Matterson)....