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I’ll be 42 in a few weeks. I’m overweight, unhealthy and I’m barely adjusting to the light of day after years wasting away behind the desk of an office job. When I started pushing pencils 20 years ago I was a former athlete with formidable confidence and the notion that I would achieve all the great things my mom, family and friends told me I would. Or, did I tell them? Ether way, very few accomplishments have come to pass since I was a kid. Winning a national essay contest at 14 is no guarantee of future success. I am living proof, as I sit here at 11:15pm CST struggling to write 200 meaningful words.

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There are so many wonderful stories in Too Far To Walk, I find it difficult to choose just one. The World Lost Its Darling is about Amelia Earhart and the importance of written correspondence. Beowulf and Elvis, Forrest’s alligators and how they may have influenced a gubernatorial election. A Sunday Kind Of Love, where Forrest happened upon singer Fran Warren many years after enjoying her music as a child. But the real connection for me is a photo on the jacket of the book. I imagine Forrest foreshadowing the forty nine stories within, as well as those waiting to be told. Forrest casts his reflection upon the soothing water of his favorite fishing spot while his sturdy walking stick speaks of the many miles he’s hiked and shows his readiness for adventure. This is Forrest in his element, challenging us to follow in his footsteps, get outdoors, and never stop searching. Forrest is escaping the world to find solitude, treasures galore, and perhaps a prehistoric family. His life stories are like a box of chocolates and the presentation is most important. Oh wait,,,wrong Forrest 🙂 In short, my favorite story in Too Far To Walk is Forrest Fenn himself.

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But my very favorite part of the book was when you gave glory to God for creating our beautiful rivers. Nature truly is a testament to his greatness and love for us……
by Nora

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My favorite story is Saving Buttercup and Lollipop. It reminded me of this Edward Everett Hale quote at the end of a Peace Corps film: “I am only one, but still I am one. I can’t do everything, but still I can do something.” Forrest saw an injustice and did something. And he shared the story, perhaps inspiring others to do something. A kind man gives me hope for mankind. Ya gotta love a guy, and a story, for that.
by SeeN

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I suppose I am left to tell you that my favorite story in TFTW is MY PREHISTORIC FRIENDS. But, I don’t have enough words to tell you why, and perhaps even disqualified.
by JDiggins

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I’d e-mail Sam sections of my novel-in-progress, which I truly felt like I was writing for him—it was a modern retelling of “Pride and Prejudice,” which is to say that it combined three of Sam’s favorite things: Jane Austen, Lizzy Bennet, and me.In January, 2015, Sam went back to Chicago, where he reported experiencing a new gratitude for his life—his students, his friends, the apartment he’d just moved into.

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In imagining a cold morning with the light new in the sky, walking along the bank of a river and suddenly, wonderfully surprised by the unexpected, I would have to make “Buffalo Smoke” my choice for favorite.
Another vision of grasses evoked keeping something hidden from the casual observer. It seems they play a part in more than a few of Forrest’s stories. Like waters…he speaks of those often also. He knows things are concealed in the grasses. He invites us to look. But that day it was his sense of smell not vision that alerted him he was not alone. Twelve head of buffalo resting within the camouflage, mere feet from him. Steam rising from warm bodies, a cloud of mist forming and climbing upward. The whole encounter seems so mystical almost enchanting. But to know that they accepted him as belonging there so unperturbed by his presence, that would be the best part. How many memories does Forrest have that happened along the banks of waters? Surely many of his treasured moments occurred there. What is to be learned from that? I’m not sure but perhaps it is along banks that I will find the answer.