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Know that is essential that you try to describe all details of your observations, from what you saw visually down to what you may have felt about what you witnessed. In a way it is similar to a response paper with the difference being that you are not merely responding to what you have seen but retelling the event. Writing a paper based upon something you were told and did not actually witness, does not count as an original observation. You must be the eyes and the ears of this experience in order to make the paper credible. A reporter arriving on the scene of an accident can make a report on what they witness, but they cannot claim to know the what the victims experiences were. An observation essay does not necessarily have to be planned. You could write an observation essay describing something important that happened around you during the course of your day, or simply be inspired to write about everyday things, like what you see as you sit on a park bench.

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Then the child does the same thing, moving slowly enough to notice each change of direction.

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Learning theories that were address, applied, and by the instructor wanted us to use were Skinner’s Operant Conditioning, Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory, and Observational Learning....

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Through observation of the group and how it processed, as well as identifying how I felt as a new attendee, I was able to understand why self-help, support groups are so vital for individuals in recovery....

Other children can model things easily, but are incapable of drawing the same things on paper.

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They therefore become the rules that are developed by a certain group of people that specifies how people may, should, ought to, should not or must not behave in the various settings they find themselves. In my observation, the gender norm and the social norms will be discussed. These two types of norms helped in really distinguishing how people tend to follow the unwritten laws of doing the norm. when one goes contrary to the norm, they are considered to acting in some strange manner and people tends to gaze at them or even get disgusted by such manner of conduct. A gender norm which was observed was how some conducts are only attributed to one sex and not the other. Much of the house keeping job as well as taking care of the children is taken to be the role of the women and not men. A socio norm that was observered in a table tennis match where the players would shake hands whenever they were changing sides. No normal player would just cross to the other side without greeting the opponent (Platteau, 2000).

In this short essay I will give a skilled weighed argument of the usefulness and non-usefulness of a participant observation.

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As its’ name implies, an OBSERVATION essay is where you observe something and provide a detailed account of it. This type of essay can be any length, depending on what you are writing about and your target audience. Since it is a paper created from your observations, it is generally written in a first person point of view. The important thing to remember about an observational essay, is that specific details are the key to a good paper. You are essentially recreating an image of what you have observed, so that your readers can feel as if they were there with you.

We are helping them learn a lifelong ability by learning the process of learning to draw based on their own observations.

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From the observation, it was noted that, there were those activities which parents were mostly involved in. the male parents could be spotted taking the boys to some very common areas like the boat riding session, horse ridding, playing football and some other men dominated activities. The young boys were noted to have maximum joy undertaking the activities. On the other side, the mothers would take their daughters to those beauty shops where they would purchase the young one some playing toys, have them eat ice creams, do the face painting thing and engaging in playing with the other girls using the rope for skipping. Nobody had declared what activities were meant for the boys and which ones were for the girls. Everyone found themselves participating in their respective games and activities.

In the main body of this essay, this idea will be addressed by pointing out advantages and disadvantages of participant observation.

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Whether what you observed or experienced was planned or not, or if you are describing things from a subjective or an objective view, it is important to remember to keep your readers interested. Sometimes when describing things, the writer can make the mistake of going so far into details, that the reader become uninterested and bored with the topic. Colorful imagery is a good method to keep in mind for an observation essay. Putting in fun facts related to your observation topics can also be a way to keep readers interested. Don’t skimp on details, but don’t overdo it as well. You want the reader to feel as if they were there, but not get overwhelmed. Also, remember that while you may be describing a personal experience, you should try to be objective and not bias in your opinions. This way, you are still giving an account of your own experience, but giving a fair interpretation so that the readers can form their own opinions of the events as well. And lastly, it is okay to fun with your descriptions and details, just as long as you don’t go so overboard with the imagery that the reader doesn’t take your work seriously.