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This course will introduce students to the power and intricacies of marketing through social media channels. It will demonstrate effective ways to use social media tools to engage consumers, to achieve concrete business goals, and even to transform organizations. Using real-world examples and case studies, students will discuss such issues as online social network dynamics, viral marketing, influencer identification, brand crisis handling, sentiment analysis, and best uses of specific social media tools. Prerequisites: Admission to the MBA program, or permission of the instructor.

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The college offers master’s degrees in accounting, business administration, economics, and public administration. Also, the college offers a joint master’s degree in computer information science with the Computer Science Department. The college also offers a Ph.D. program in business administration and a Ph.D. program in public administration and urban policy.

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Note: College of Engineering and Technology Intended majors: Students who have taken advanced courses, particularly in math, chemistry and physics, are best prepared for the academic rigor of the Batten College of Engineering and Technology and are more competitive in the admissions process. Students are encouraged to complete four units of mathematics that include one unit of higher-level math courses such as trigonometry, analysis, or calculus. Science units should include one unit of chemistry, one unit of physics, and one unit in another area of science, such as general science, physical science, environmental science, and anatomy and physiology.

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Work for the doctoral degree is usually preceded by the successful completion of the a Master’s degree in a business related field (i.e., MBA) from a recognized AACSB-accredited college or university. The applicant must submit an application, official transcripts of all college or university-level work, provide scores on the Graduate Management Admission Test taken within the last five years, and provide three letters of recommendation, two from academic references, which attest to the individual’s academic potential and ability for achievement. The applicant must also submit a personal statement of goals, approximately two to three pages, on how the completion of the doctoral program will assist in achieving personal and professional career goals.

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Applicants may submit a resume, essay, and/or letters of recommendation as part of their application materials. These additional credentials, combined with the academic qualifications, provide the Office of Undergraduate Admissions with a comprehensive profile of an applicant’s potential for academic success and ability to contribute to the academic community. Students with unique talents and abilities in art, music, leadership, and other endeavors should provide such information.

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A linked B.A. or B.S./M.B.A. allows students to combine a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science with excellent preparation for a career in the business world. A linked B.A. or B.S./M.P.A. allows students to combine a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science with a master's degree in public administration. These programs are available in the Colleges of Arts and Letters, Education and Sciences.

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In the College of Health Sciences, physical therapy, nursing and dental hygiene programs offer this option for freshmen. Linked bachelor’s/master’s programs are also available in environmental health/community health and dental hygiene.