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Oscar Wilde incorporated his own beliefs and ideology into the play by alluding to Victorian society "lets duplicity led to happiness." It is this "happiness" Wilde's play focuses on by concentrating the theme of the play on marriage....

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Wilde, the quintessential Aesthete, asserts that art should exist for the sake of beauty alone.

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This chapter evaluates Oscar Wilde's literary strategy. It notes that critics described Wilde as a dilettante and that his work was marred by its fundamental lack of seriousness. It examines Wilde's engagement with a series of contemporary assumptions about texts in the expectation of finding qualities such as consistency, originality, and authority, as well as his use of motifs. It discusses how Wilde challenged the relationship between authority and institutional orthodoxy, and thus, challenged the traditional relationships between authority and knowledge. He redefines authority and places it in the hands of the man of taste — the Aesthete, the exemplar of whom was of course Wilde himself.

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Merlin Holland is Oscar Wilde's grandson and the sole executor of his estate. He is the author of Irish Peacock & Scarlet Marquess, the first unabridged publication of the famous libel trial

In Oscar Wilde’s sole novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, aestheticism is a fashionable belief accepted by society at the time....

Oscar Wilde was the son of Ireland's leading eye surgeon

In Oscar Wilde’s only novel, the lack of importance surrounding the female characters and their careless treatment from men results in the selfishness of the male characters exemplified through Dorian Gray’s act...

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Oscar Wilde examines themes of truthfulness through the use of character deception in his social comedies The Importance of Being Ernest and Lady Windermere’s Fan.

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This is shown clearly through the characters illustrated in “The Important of Being Earnest.” Oscar Wilde expresses his concern of people trying to maintain an upper class reputation through the characters of the play “The Importance of Being Earnest.” During the Victorian Period members of the upper class displayed pride, and felt that they were entitled to their wealth and status and also believed it is only appropriate to marry within their social class....

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Wilde is now known for more than his wit (As Dorothy Parker wrote, "If, with the literate, I am/ Impelled to make an epigram,/ I never seek to take the credit;/ We all assume that Oscar said it") and the iconic libel trial that resulted from the Marquis of Queensbury's calling card addressed to "Oscar Wilde posing Somdomite". His work contains real depth and political engagement (see The Soul of Man Under Socialism), while the world-famous Importance of Being Earnest is a much queerer beast than it first appears. His essays on aesthetics are still stimulating today.

Oscar Wilde's homoerotic texts, aesthetics, Christ comparisons and moral implications were largely the result of his sexuality…

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In Oscar Wilde's book, The Picture of Dorian Gray, the protagonist alters for the worse when influenced to discard his morality; creating a double life between obsession and reality....