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Many scholars have noted Milton’s reliance on personal discovery throughout Paradise Lost; Stanley Eugene Fish points out that discovery operates in Paradise Lost in a way that “is analogous to that of the Mosaic Law” because it invokes a level of interaction with the reader that is able to “bring us to the righteousness of Christ” (526-7)....

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Después de su fundación en 1988, los miembros de la entonces banda de Death/Doom Paradise Lost, deciden publicar su primer disco titulado “Lost Paradise”, con influencias bien marcadas: por un lado los grupos base del death metal de aquel entonces (Obituary, Death, Napalm Death) y por otro lado el sonido lento y pesado característico del doom metal.

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Typical of Epics, Paradise Lost is a long narrative poem with an elevated style and a central, heroic figure which in this case is Adam and Eve with their biggest adversary being Satan.

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In two primary works of seventeenth century British literature, Paradise Lost and The Blazing World, John Milton and Margaret Cavendish both employ the device of the alien leader, but they employ these devices in different ways; which belie their tho...

representing sin were his daughter Sin and incestuous son Death, ..

John Milton’s Adam in Paradise Lost altered the future for mankind just as Margaret Cavendish’s Empress of the Blazing World altered the future for the inhabitants of the Blazing World....

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679-732, Book IX, in Milton's Paradise Lost, is a persuasive masterpiece carefully structured to appeal to her ambitious tendencies and to expand her already existing doubts (which Satan has implanted) as to the perfect nature of God.

With these four monosyllables, Milton succinctly announces the Fall of Eve in Paradise Lost.

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Many critics use Wordsworth as a perfect example of this influence and there is certainly a valid argument for his ‘emulation’ of, and ‘rebellion’ against, Paradise Lost.

In Paradise Lost, Milton clearly conveys this concept of acting freely under God.

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"The recent world premiere of Janak Khendry's Paradise Lost was an eclectic and impressive spectacle combining Indian classical and modern Western dance styles with the iconic narrative regarding Adam and Eve's struggle with good and evil in the Garden of Eden. By following John Milton's literary masterpiece to the letter, with help from various Milton scholars, Khendry has created a faithful narrative rendition, in dance, of the original text."

"The Allegory of Sin and Death in Paradise Lost." Modern Language Quarterly 24 (1963): 354-64.

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Satan’s first speech implies that there was another side-even after we have partly discounted the personal tones of the defeated leader who speaks of the good old lost cause, “hazard in the Glorious Enterprise.” That too is a formal side, presented by the losing actor in the drama....