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If the Powell account remains accurate today, public schools are open communities made up of students from different backgrounds and with diverse values. Admission is entirely open, and the school operates within a framework created by state law and federal requirements. Teachers acquire tenure and seniority rights after a few years’ service, creating a challenge for administrators. Students have legal rights that limit administrators’ capacity to expel or suspend them from school. Rules and procedures provide the structure needed to reduce the likelihood of internal conflict within this diverse community. To ensure fairness in the open, diverse community, a complex bureaucratic structure becomes essential, but students come to resent the requirements that are imposed, which they see as inflexible and onerous. High performance by either teacher or pupil is seldom rewarded. Informal treaties bargained between teachers and students keep the peace. Parental engagement is determined by the parent not the school.

Would you go to a private school instead of a public school.

Private schools are offering an extra service that public schools cannot offer.

Or to a public school instead of a private school.

There are not many books devoted to the pros and cons of school uniforms. Here are just a few that you can see if you local library owns. Most libraries have a free interlibrary loan service if your library do not have these books. If your library cannot obtain these books and you still need these books, then you may want to purchase the book new or used on .

Students’ performance in public and private schools differ a lot.

Thus, private tutoring is defined as a fee-based parallel education sector that provides additional instruction to students enrolled in the public school system....

There are no rules on how they can raise money for their athletic programs unlike public schools.

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This is the original scholarly journal article where Brunsma and Rockquemore explains their findings that school uniforms do not have quite the positive effects on academic achievement that many people think. Brunsma and Rockquemore's study indicates that there is NO positive correlation between school uniforms and students' achievement. In fact, some of the statistics from their study show some negative aspects to implementing a school uniform policy. This is a major and significant CON research study. This article can be found on the Internet at:

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("Private" 141) The public school teachers would have a harder time disciplining students because it takes longer, so that is why private schools seems to have better discipline.

As a result, more parents are turning from the public school systems to the private schools.

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Age of student. Because the data include information about students’ ages, we are able to compare degrees of satisfaction by grade span in each sector. Students age 10 and under are assumed to be attending elementary schools, those age 11 to 13 are assumed to be in middle school, and those who are 14 to 18 are assumed to be in high school. These estimates are not perfectly accurate, but even this rough classification system allows for estimates of the extent to which parental assessments vary by their child’s grade level.

First, students that graduate from private schools tend to be better prepared for college.

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Schools should not have uniforms for these three reasons: It takes the students freedom of expression away, it’s a bandaid reason to cover up violence, and some parents might not be able to afford the uniforms.

But how do parents decide which private school is the best for their child.

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This is a GREAT pro AND con research study that can be found in the Spring/Fall 2006 issue of the scholarly Journal of Research on Christian Education. Administrators, faculty, staff, students, and parents give their views on school uniforms within two private schools. The results are very interesting in that the students differ on some main issues of school uniforms than what parents and school officials believe. For example, parents and school officials believe that school uniforms eliminate competition, but several students felt this way: