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It's too bad never finished her M.D., because Paul really needs a doctor. The story of a teenage theater-addict's downward spiral into madness, depression, and—spoiler alert—suicide, "Paul's Case" puts later good-kid-gone-bad narratives to shame.

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Pauls case essays Paul was a very unhappy teenager who did not feel that he belonged in his life

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Paul's Case is considered to be apart of the lesbian/ gay literary movement (1885-
Paul lives a common life and he wants luxury, but in the end does not obtain it Literary Devices Themes Paul Birth:
December 7, 1873 near Winchester, Virginia to Charles and Virginia Cather
At age 10 her family moved to Red Cloud, Nebraska
Immigrants (Scandinavians, Germans, Poles, and Bohemians) and the American Dream
Pioneer spirit of innovation
Breaking Barriers
She did not wish to fit in
Dressed in men's clothing and played a "male role"
She used reading to escape her dull town
Paul Parallels
Paul disdained "fitting in" and desired to be different
Paul escaped the realities of his life through the orchestra and dreams of New York City
University of Nebraska in Lincoln
Editor of The Hesperian
Columnist for the Nebraska State Journal
The Home Monthly
Cather was not openly gay, but it is common knowledge she way Symbols and Motifs Flowers "Paul's Case" A part of a collection of short stories (titled "The Troll Garden") Cather published in 1905 to various magazines
All the stories had to do with the oppression of artistic creativity due to uninspiring environments Defiance
"His teachers felt this afternoon that his whole attitude was symbolized by his shrug and his flippantly red carnation flower.." (113)
This represent defiance.

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Paul in Paul's Case is assumed to be gay.
Paul' Case was published during the same period when Freud published his Three Essays
New York City's lower east side during this time period became a place where the LGBT celebrated and lived.

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