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However, for those who are exposed to such outrageous occurrences, this is the consistence of their lives. Just because we are unaware does not mean a problem does not exist. Therefore, when we know and realize the reality and imminence of a problem, as a human being it is our duty to inform and spread the word to end such suffering. Human trafficking is a global concern; it is everywhere and may in fact be present in your own community. What is Human Trafficking?

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Human trafficking is the world's 2nd largest criminal industry in the world.

Human Trafficking is exploitation of the youth.

Victims of human trafficking feel as if they have no way to escape because they have limited ways to survive or make a good enough living to support themselves along with their families outside of the sex industry.

A human trafficker is someone who victimizes others to make a profit.

Trafficking is carried out mainly for the purpose of exploitation, which includes prostitution, forced labour, slavery, removal of organs and many others (human trafficking in and out of Russia)....

Houston is the number one city for human trafficking across the world.

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The right to a free and fair world, freedom from slavery and freedom from torture among many other rights is taken and suppressed. In the preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the recognition of human dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights). Human dignity is completely disregarded by sex traffickers. Victims are treated as commodities and their welfare is valued only for profit; otherwise they are not cared for. Human dignity should be valued and maintained from birth, this is what separates us from all other species on earth.

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The idea that we should be treated with love, compassion and respect should be explicit in society. human trafficking promotes contradictory values of extreme impudence and hatred in which removal of human dignity is obvious. The fundamentals of ethics and morality call upon the basic difference between right and wrong. Legislation is what we usually revert to for deduction on what is acceptable and intolerable in society; but philosophically we as humans must collectively establish morality to achieve such regulations.

Some nations are not even familiar with the true definition of what human trafficking is.

Human trafficking is more prevalent today then ever before.

The definition of human trafficking according to the book “Trafficking in Human$” is, the recruitment and transportation of human beings through deception and coercion for the purposes of exploitation.

Human trafficking is a criminal industry that is driven based on the supply and demand.

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Although Canadians are exposed to the severity of human trafficking in other countries, Canadian citizens are unaware of the fact that Canada is not only a transit point for the United States but also a destination country....

In Thailand there has been an uprising of human trafficking on the fishing boats or trawlers.

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All the countries across the globe it may be the most powerful nation also to the simplest of nations are not safe from modern day slavery or known as Human Trafficking.