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'Both Mill and Holmes, then, saw that there had to be limits to free speech and that other considerations could on occasion defeat any presumption of an absolute right (legal or moral) to freedom of speech. Apart from the special considerations arising in times of war, most legal systems ... still restrict free expression where, for example, it is libellous or slanderous, where it would result in state secrets being revealed, where it would jeopardize a fair trial, where is involves a major intrusion into someone’s private life without good reason, where it results in copyright infringement (e.g. using someone else’s words without permission), and also in cases of misleading advertising. Many countries also set strict limits to the kinds of pornography that may be published or used. These are just a selection of the restrictions on speech and other kinds of expression that are common in nations which subscribe to some kind of free speech principle and whose citizens think of themselves as free.'

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Sierra leone blood diamonds essay

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'I've recently contacted Michael Portillo in connection with his support for bullfighting. The time has come to publicize his support for this barbaric spectacle - for example, outside a venue when he comes to deliver a speech (I oppose action within the venue, for example, interruption of a speech, interference with freedom of speech and all action which is against the law.)'

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Carlo Mattogno has over many years written many excellent essays and books about the crematoria in Germany's concentration camps. See, for example, which he wrote in collaboration with Franco Deana. Where the term often appears, one should also read: Mattogno and many others (including myself until recently) have totally failed to recognize this enormously important fact as best as I can tell. This simple fact makes the extermination claims even more absurd and unbelievable than they already are. The gas from the coke-fired gas generator could have been directed into the alleged gas chambers where it would have, because of the high CO content, killed any number of victims quickly and easily. The high temperature of the gas could have been reduced easily enough just as in hundreds of thousands of trucks and motor vehicles—or the temperature could have also pre-cooked the victims as well. That would have been a kind of industrial assembly-line efficiency that would have made even the most demented Nazi-fiend proud if one believes crackpot scholars like Daniel Goldhagen—but, it never happened, and it has never even been alleged.

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