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Like Joe and Pip, Estella’s name is a reflection on her character. Estella, like a star (stellar), is cold and distant. After all, she has been reared from the tender age of three to conduct herself without emotion. Her bewitching beauty captures Pip’s heart and as a young boy, he is infatuated her. Somehow, despite her cruelty to Pip, she becomes the star of his expectations. Critics have often dismissed Estella as a two-dimensional character without the tug of emotions. Quite to the contrary, Estella is the successful product of Miss Havisham’s upbringing in that she truly does what the old lady raised her to do, but she seems to struggle with it. After all, she seems to warn Pip repeatedly as if she does not want to hurt him. It seems fair to say that beneath that heart of ice is a simple girl who is honest enough to try and explain to others her lack of feeling. Ironically, even Miss Havisham, who has made her the way she is, finds her coldness and lack of love unbearable.

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In "Great Expectations", Dickens writes about this and conveys attitudes towards children, most especially Pip and the severity and turbulence of his childhood....

Charles Dickens expresses this message in his eminent novel, Great Expectations.

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In Great Expectations, he used the prevalent bleakness of the places in London to illustrate the unproductiveness of the social and economic struggle which he viewed as fatal, both literally and figuratively.

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This novel reworks his own childhood as a first-person narrative; Dickens was fortunate and had an advantage of writing Great Expectations due to him living in the Victorian times, and he related his life experiences with the main character of the play, ‘Pip’....

'Great Expectations' is a coming of age story that revolves around the life of one man Pip.

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With growth comes decisiveness in which comes greater changes, the motif of choice is entwined all through the novel of Mister Pip, whether its Dolores deciding to hide the novel, “Great Expectations” from the villagers causing greater occurrences or Mister Watts becoming a shape shifter; taking the form of what is needed, including his life....

Great Expectations focuses on Pip and we view the narrative through his eyes.

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The reason why we have chosen to compare and contrast Great Expectations and The Go Between is because they have many obvious and many subtle similarities which I am to discuss during t he course of this Essay....

When going to Miss Havisham's House Pip is introduced to Estella and the moment he sets eyes on her, his 'Great Expectations' begin.

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'Great Expectations' is the story of Philip Pirrip, known as Pip, an orphan raised by his brutal sister and her gentle-natured husband, Joe Gargery....