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Why has a concept that specialists find so difficult to pin down ("like nailing jelly to the wall") enjoyed such popularity? "Umbrella" concepts often climb into vogue because of their indeterminateness. "Political culture" belongs with those "catchwords" that serve as "deliberately vague conditioning concepts." More than thirty years ago, Pye, one of political science's modern pioneers on the subject, observed that "the mere term 'political culture' is capable of evoking quick intuitive understanding, so that people often feel that without further and explicit definition they can appreciate its meaning and freely use it." That very accessibility, however, signaled "considerable danger that it [would] be [End Page 394] employed as a 'missing link' to fill in anything that cannot be explained in political analysis."

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Globalization is a notion of the growing interconnectedness of the world categorized into three forms, cultural, political and economical globalization....

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In fact the basic similarities and difference in the political culture of both countries is the result of the events that occurred in their political and socio-economic life.In this respect, it is necessary to point out that the main and probably the most obvious difference between the state is the Constitution, which is one of the most principle points for both states.

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These subcultures were derived from analyzing settlementand migration patterns that were largely completed by the early 20th Century. Is it possible for migrations that occurred after the 1950s to have affectedthe political subculture of the states? For example, what has beenthe impact of large numbers of northern retirees moving to a traditionalisticstate like Florida? Has the influx of northerners affected Texaspolitics or do the new immigrants adapt to the old political subculture? We could better understand the impact of population growth on politicalculture by studying the politics of a area like Amarillo or specificallysouthwest Amarillo.

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The 1960s and 1970s witnessed what Kammen called "the steady expansion of the reach of social history." The "new social history" encircled other sub-fields and pressured historians in various specialties to rebaptize themselves as social historians. As a result, the "social bases of politics" enjoyed considerable explanatory popularity. Likewise, in the 1990s, everyone appeared to become a cultural historian. Neither generalization is literally true, but the new cultural history's imperatives have become so pervasive and dominant that many historians who treat political life seek to legitimize their work by claiming that it illuminates "political...

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"'Political culture': the expression has of late gained general currency," said Hughes in 1988. That same year, at a session of the American Historical Association that turned into a discussion of political culture, Baker observed that despite the concept's "problems of definition," it had "become a popular and over-used buzz-word." As the millennium approached, Silbey was able to write that political culture studies had become "a major enterprise." "We seem to live," said Silbey, "in a scholarly age when political culture is a dominant explanatory and descriptive theme." But he added that the notion remained amorphous, "too easily bandied about in different guises." The concept of political culture is indeed important to historians--too much so for them to remain complacent regarding its casual deployment.