Seldom is eating only when hunger is present (What Causes Obesity?).

Childhood obesity is particularly troubling because the extra weight the kids put on often starts them on a path to health problems that adults should only have to worry about.

Is fast food to blame for the growing obesity in America.

Childhood obesity is a serious and common disease that is increasingly becoming more popular.

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For almost all of the human past, the prospect of starvation was a real threat to most people. While scarcity is still the pervasive fact of economics, modern industrial economies have an abundance of low-cost food. As a result, the United States and other countries have seen an increase in rates of obesity. The health care costs of obesity are high, and some claim that increasing obesity rates inflict costs on the rest of society. For this reason, there might be a case for public action to reduce obesity.

Obesity is the number one problem in America.

Obesity is the object of incredible amounts of resources and attention purportedly aimed at reducing corpulence and increasing health. Despite this, consensus with respect to the definition, causes or solutions is lacking, making obesity a prominent knowledge controversy. In this article, I argue that the Barker hypothesis, a theory of foetal development, can support the redistribution of expertise necessary to address this knowledge controversy. A vast scientific literature confirms its argument that many diseases can be traced to the conditions for development in utero determined by the commingling of temporally and spatially complex processes. The Barker hypothesis does not support solely reductionist, biophysiological paradigms of health and disease, but rather evinces complex understandings that span biology, social positionality, place and generation. I argue that this makes the hypothesis significant for transdisciplinary studies of health and disease, and prompts consideration beyond the conventional bounds of epidemiology to new sites of understanding and action that may support movements concerned with body politics and justice for fat people. I point to literature on the potential for injustice engendered by the Barker hypothesis, and suggest that these critiques reveal the very necessity for transdisciplinary collaboration on obesity in the first place.

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Obesity puts extra pressure on the heart in order to draw enough oxygen for the tissues and cells in the body. As a result, the blood pressure increases and hence the individual suffers from high blood pressure. In an effort to supply enough oxygen to all tissues and organs in the body, heart makes blood to flow through additional blood vessels and hence is a big threat to the patient’s life.

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Osteoarthritis is also a common problem faced by obese people. Because of the stress on the legs and hip due to being overweight, an individual can suffer from joint pain.

Obesity has become a major problem in the UAE.

Unfortunately, many policymakers are misled by red herring culprits for obesity. To be sure, it cannot be a decrease in exercise; Americans’ energy expenditure habits have been static over the time period. It cannot be cultural changes; data showing the same trends among fresh immigrants to the United States suggest that there is not a driving cultural force behind obesity. It cannot be fast food restaurants’ “super-sized” bundles; there has been no discernible increase in calories per meal. It cannot be poverty; there is a decreasing gap between obesity rates of different socioeconomic population segments over the time period, with much of the remaining gap attributable to varying genetic predispositions to obesity associated with race.

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Overweight individuals tend to suffer from diabetes. Usually obese people acquire Type 2 Diabetes as they reach adulthood. But this problem has now become common in children as well. Being obese interrupts the functioning of the insulin hormone in the body. This hormone is responsible for regulating blood sugar in the body.

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This information shows that current measures are not efficient enough to address the epidemic, so governors around the country are committed to improving the health of the nation’s children and identifying policies for preventing childhood obesity at the state and community levels.