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To initiallyASSUME that everyone entering a building is dangerous and guiltyis a horrific thing for society, and especially for the educationalenvironments for young minds.Is that the environment that would be conducive to young minds beingopen and receptive to new educational ideas?

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Even violence and other incidents on schoolbuses is a tremendous problem.What is the answer?In general, the common approaches are to throw money at the problems,and for distant Bureaucrats to establish very broad guidelines andlaws, as though they fully understand the complex situations well enoughto solve INDIVIDUAL problems of students in the system.

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You might as well take their names awaynow and just give them numbers, because the American Public EducationSystem is essentiallytelling them that they have little importance as individuals, andthey better behave like the rest of the herd if they want to avoidbeing in trouble. Is THIS the way young people should be"controlled"?

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It allows for private ownership of property unlike communism but opposes bureaucracy.

Once practiced in ancient Athens as a system for electing public officials, demarchy uses lots to appoint people to various offices of power.

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Problems american education system essay

Until Teachers are individually allowed the right to establish theabsolute rules for their Classroom, many children will learnto disrespect authority and to develop patterns of uncontrolledbehavior.In other words, the solutions to most of the litany of problemsof the public education system could all be found in publiclyannouncing a renewed respect and trust in the judgment of allpublic school Teachers. Then, each should be truly trustedto create a unique teaching environment in his/her own classroom.

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I will start with the problem of our current education system

So why should we move in directions of Schools being "armedcamps" where any behavior that is "different" issubject to question and doubt and possible punishment?Whoever came up with No Child Left Behind was clearly a good slogan-maker,but whoever tried to think up how it was to work seems to havedemonstrated that he/she was a PRODUCT of a failed educationalsystem!

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Plato outlines the philosopher-king as a man who has been given the best education, his wisdom is tempered by worldly experience and he has a soul of gold, he rules by the virtue of his merit and ability and because he has transcended the bonds of petty politics.

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There is something seriously wrong with the US education system

I refer to another ofthe three Schools as CALM because the students attending therewould virtually never disrupt a Teacher's lesson or otherwise damagethe educational environment.