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government, which left $5,191,000 for the taxpayers of the city to pay. With such high incarceration statistics involving illegal immigrants one might wonder why more are not being deported back to their home countries. The total number of illegal immigrants deported from the US in 2003 was 186,151 which is "shockingly small compared to the size of the illegal [immigrant] population" (FAIR). Out of the total number, 39,600 are deported only after committing a serious crime and being caught by the authorities. Illegal immigration should be reduced due to the crimes that are committed by illegal immigrants and the resulting economic burden their incarceration places on the US.

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How important it is to have only one topic sentence each paragraph for a high band score? In this essay each body paragraph has more than one key points(adv or disadv).

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The process of immigrating to the US is not simple. As a young immigrant from Romania named Alin Apostol can testify to, it requires signing up through a "green card lottery" to have a chance at receiving permanent residence in America. Alin was one of the "lucky [ones]" to obtain a green card through the lottery. After receiving a green card, he had to complete family history forms and explain the reason why admission into the US was desired. When these forms were finished, Alin's family had to go to an "embassy interview" where a complete medical

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The conclusion summarises the main points. You can’t plan what you will write until you essay the topic and essay question. You certainly don’t memorise sentences or phrases.

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to those who commit crimes. It is easily forgotten that illegal immigration is just that: illegal. It is a crime. By granting more illegal immigrants amnesty, the US will be sending a message that if enough people commit a certain crime, they will be granted amnesty and be forgiven. Not only would this amnesty send the federal fiscal deficit of illegal immigrants from the current amount of $10 billion to $29 billion, but also, sending such a negative message makes a mockery out of law abiding citizens and immigrants. It would allow millions of former illegal immigrants to be "eligible for additional tax-funded services" (FAIR) which creates an enormous burden on the American taxpayer.

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The Merriam Webster dictionary defines immigration as the act of entering a foreign country and establishing oneself as a permanent citizen. Many people move away from their native countries in search of more resources to better their lives. Immigration in the 21st century has particularly increased because of economic, political, and social glitches. Many developing countries-especially those in Africa and in India-have limited resources in terms of infrastructure, education, social amenities and jobs for their citizens. Other major contributors are social problems of insecurity and drugs. This fuels poverty and desperation making it a necessity to seek a better life elsewhere. As a result, majority of the immigrants in the world today target first world countries such as the US, UK and countries in Europe. The US alone boasts of hosting 20 percent of the total global immigrants making up 13 percent of its total population. The Human Development Report of 2009 estimated the total number of people living and working in foreign countries to be about 214 million in 2008. Immigration is a global issue and has different effects on the countries involved.