Table 1. Type of Early Care and Education Centers in Malaysia

These professional development programs must provide primarily research-based training that will improve early childhood pedagogy and will further young children's language and literacy skills to prevent them from encountering reading difficulties when they enter school.

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European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, v16 n2 p210-223 Jun 200.

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William Chamberlain Technology Teaching Award
This scholarship is awarded annually to one, or more, full-time undergraduate students in the College of Education and Professional Studies who have completed courses EDM310 or any successor course in the College of Education and Professional Studies that prepares students to use technology in their teaching career. The recipient should be a student who demonstrates outstanding evidence of an enthusiasm for an ability in using technology in their teaching. Students must be enrolled in the USA College of Education and Professional Studies, be in good standing according to University policies, and have declared a teaching curriculum as a major to qualify. Students must have a minimum University of South Alabama Cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a Program Component Cumulative GPA 3.0.

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White-Spunner Endowment Scholarship in Education
This scholarship is awarded annually for tuition to an outstanding student entering the junior or senior level of study within the College of Education and Professional Studies. Students must be enrolled full time in the USA College of Education and Professional Studies, be entering junior or senior year of study and be in good standing with all University policies. Preference is given to a student with financial need.

Early childhood education started with a mother in Europe in the early 1800’s....

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This scholarship was established for the purpose of providing financial assistance to students in the graduate program in the College of Education and Professional Studies who are currently employed teachers or has taught two to five years in the field. Students must exhibit financial need. Ronald E. Morgan, Jr. established this scholarship in April 2012 to honor his mother, Valarie Reen Morgan, in hopes that her compassion transpires to those selected to receive this scholarship.

and it is that of professionalism within the Further Education sector

Travis M. Bedsole, Jr. and Susan D. Bedsole Endowed Scholarship in Education
This scholarship will be awarded to a student athlete who has attained Junior or Senior status in the College of Education and Professional Studies and who has declared Education as their major. Students must be a Junior or Senior in the College of Education and Professional Studies, must be an education major, have a GPA of at least 2.75 or above, be enrolled as a full-time student, and be a member in good standing of an NCAA-sanctioned team.

Early childhood education holds two main focuses; a child-based focus and a family-based focus.

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John and Carolyn Conn Scholarship
The John and Carolyn Conn Scholarship was established in December 2014 by the John and Carolyn Conn Educational Foundation, Inc. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a full time student from either Escambia County, Florida or Escambia County, Alabama. Applicants should have a minimum 3.0 GPA and a declared major in an applied professional program. Preference is given to freshman students from rural areas within the counties mentioned above.

Some parents do not realize just how important early childhood education is....

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Interethnic resentment is also a result of the impact of colonialism. Historical ties with Britain and the British educational tradition instilled an elitist ideology that has a great impact on minority parents and children in urban areas (Muthu, 2007). The parents enroll their children in English-language schools which are more established than schools with other language of instruction. They believed that English language schools are better than other schools. These give more advantages for their children to gain knowledge. The effects of colonialism can also be seen in teacher recruitment and qualification (Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development, 2005). Many teachers in private urban preschools graduated from program overseas, especially in England and other European countries. These centers ground their teaching and learning philosophy in European traditions which in many ways may conflict with national education philosophy that emphasized on the balance between intellectual and spiritual values and beliefs of Eastern culture (Giacchino-Baker, 2010).

Education in the early preschool years boomed with early childhood development programs.

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Introduces early childhood development through activities and experiences in early childhood, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and primary programs. Investigates classroom organization and procedures, and use of classroom time and materials, approaches to education for young children, professionalism, and curricular procedures.