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In A Modest Proposal, Jonathan Swift was able to create a piece of literature addressing the faults of the Irish culture while embedding in a humorous essay.


We can understand how to solve the problems using formulas and some operations.

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They will have to look at the risks associated with these decisions and make sure that they find the best solution to make sure that the risks associated with this solution don’t outweigh the benefits of this solution....

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He makes a wild and absurd proposal to help remedy the problems of overpopulation and poverty.

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His essay proposes an easy solution to the economic problems going on in Ireland for both the wealthy ruling classes and the poorer classes, although his intentions and the meaning behind his words are not what would be originally thought when initially reading the essay....

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The Jew is believed that by creating a state for Jews could solve their problem and unite them under one nationalism and identity that the main ideology of Zionism movement and to establish a new state to Jewish....

and you present your vision for how to solve the problem.

Paul Thagard in his essay “Why Astrology Is a Pseudoscience” proposes a different approach, expressing need in the philosophy of science for an outlook that considers social and historical elements in addition to the scientific method itself....

Solution-focused therapy deals in solutions as opposed to dwelling on problems.

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Students in all grade levels, from early elementary to high school and college have too much apathy - they just do not seem to care. Teachers and parents struggle coming up with solutions to solve this major problem, which seems to follow students after they graduate (if they graduate) and move on into the work world.

There are many different strategies that good problem solvers use to solve a problem.

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I do believe that the problem is one that should be solved, but I do not think that the proper solution is one that is given enough consideration: Not a high enough presence of guns in the hands of the law abiding citizens in America.

7. Sell Idea – Find a reliable source to support the solution presenting the idea.

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He failed to understand the problem and environment, visualize a feasible solution, clearly describe it to his subordinates, and effectively direct his forces.