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Kids learn about Rachel Carson’s biography. She was a scientist who stu.d how pesticides impacted animals and the ecosystem. She is considered the founder of .

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Silent Spring is an environmental science book by Rachel Carson

The modern archives of the Holy See were established thanks to Paul V Borghese around 1610, but the roots of the history of the archives of the Roman Pontiffs reach way back in time, linking up with the very origin, nature, activities and development of the Roman Church itself. Right from the apostolic times, the Popes carefully preserved the manuscripts concerning the exercise of their activities.

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Through the combined focus on Roman jurisprudence and Greek thinking, those searching for the 'natural laws' which governed the secular realm found themselves trying to come to grips with laws which underwrote both social organization and action and the physical world.

For neoliberal pragmatic literalists,  of the nature of 'money' makes nonsense of such claims:

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To understand the precise problem, you must dip into the latest details of the Prudential Regulatory Authority's " " with eight major UK banks. I won't pretend that the PRA's work is easy reading for a layperson; but anyone who spends a little time with the documents will first laugh and then cry.

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In this surreal world, the United Kingdom takes on disproportionate influence, because London is still a top financial center - and because the biggest banks in the United States and Europe have proved very effective at playing off American and British regulators against one another. Opinion leaders around the world look to the British for a clever and nuanced approach to financial-sector policy. Unfortunately, they currently look in vain.

The US Monetary Base (in billions of dollars, seasonally adjusted) as at November 30 2013 (2013-12-11: 3,715.719 Billions of Dollars )

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After enduring agonizing treatment in secret C.I.A. prisons around the world or coercive practices at the military detention camp at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, dozens of detainees developed persistent mental health problems, according to previously undisclosed medical records, government documents and interviews with former prisoners and military and civilian doctors. Some emerged with the same symptoms as American prisoners of war who were brutalized decades earlier by some of the world's cruelest regimes.
(Matt Apuzzo, Sheri Fink and James Risen, , New York Times, October 8, 2016)

Rachel Carson wrote 4 books including The Sea Around Us for which she was awarded the 1952 National Book Award for nonfiction....

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Many who were not evicted or defrauded of their properties, found that they could no longer make a living from the land they held, and were either compelled by circumstance into sending more and more members of their households into towns in search of work, or found themselves and move to the rapidly growing towns and cities of western Europe (but particularly of England). And, as is always true under capitalism, the increased labor which became available to employers resulted in constant reductions in wages.

(Markus Stierli (et al ), The Global Wealth Report 2015, Credit Suisse AG Research Institute, October 2015, p. 24)

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With great fanfare (and generally favorable press coverage), the PRA announced that some banks do not have enough loss-absorbing capital - relative to target levels of equity that are ludicrously low. The Bank of England's Financial Policy Committee (FPC) said that under . And, , this amounts to a leverage ratio of around 3% for most of these banks (again using Basel III definitions), though a couple of banks will need an additional adjustment to reach that level.