Section 1. An Introduction to the Problem-Solving Process

Many students have difficulties when attempting to solve geometry problems. Many reasons are suggested or put forward for the students' lack of success in this area. These reasons include students' lack of exposure to life outside of their neighborhoods, minimal visual skills, and difficulty in understanding basic geometric concepts. I do not dispute these reasons for students' failure, but I propose that there is a way to ensure that geometric concepts, especially transformations and symmetry, permeate the mathematics classroom while, at the same time, maintaining student interest. Wallpaper is an example of a real world item that is seen everyday in most homes across the nation. It is also one of the most important when it comes to the topic of geometry. Some people look at wallpaper and go "wow! That's an incredible pattern" but mathematicians see wallpapers and go "hmm! What's the fundamental domain? What type of symmetry can be found here?" among others. I have tried to develop a series of lessons that will help teachers develop various strategies to teach geometry, with the help of symmetry, in their classrooms. It is my hope that implementing this curriculum unit will help teachers to teach geometry in a way that will excite students, assist their connection and application of "real world" scenarios to the concepts, aid their use of various strategies, and extend students' abilities to solve math problems in other contexts.

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I believe that my plan addresses several contemporary problems: The plight of divorced, widowed or otherwise single women who have little or no experience in the business world, the simultaneous stress on personal finances and the likely stagnation of real estate development for the foreseeable future.

A creative problem-solving lesson plan for grades K-3.

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Real World Quadratic Functions (title required on first line)
Quadratic functions are perhaps the best example of how math concepts can be
combined into a single problem.

in which students use problem-solving skills to address a real-world problem
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