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Recently, at a company luncheon, I was asked about my favorite movie. Ask about the business and I’m quick with an answer. But the question about my favorite movie was nearly a stumper. I scrambled to come up with something and ultimately came up with a reply, but really wasn’t satisfied with my response.
Well, I’ve had a couple of months to consider it and finally have come up with a good answer. Remember the Titans is my answer to the question, “What is your favorite movie?”

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The movie, Remember the Titans is based on actual events that occurred in the year 1971.

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These are lessons that can be applied to many business situations. Overcoming differences to find common ground and building a cohesive team are abilities every manager must possess. It may be that the department you’re leading has some friction with another department in the company and to meet the business objectives you need to get past the infighting. You might be dealing with two individuals who just can’t seem to work together for the benefit of the company. Or it might be a cross-departmental team that’s struggling to come together to help the business succeed. There are situations to which the lessons displayed in Remember the Titans can be applied.

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Today, most kids that I know of, including myself, are very comfortable having friends of a different race, but as I have found out from watching the movie, Remember the Titans, that was not the case a short time ago....

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Earlier this year we completed a merger. We’ve spent the past eight months bringing the two companies and cultures together. Remember the Titans is my favorite movie right now because I think it’s incredibly a propos given what our company is going through.

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do they mean how each technique makes the film worthwhile to view???

The visual text Remember the titans by Boaz Yakin showed a number of production techniques.

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From the first time my friends and I went and saw "Honey I Shrunk The Kids", to "Remember The Titans", I have always enjoyed the compassion and energy these directors and actors have put in into these movies.

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Because of the similarities of To Kill a Mockingbird and Remember the Titans the audience can see how important community is in the development of a story....

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So, right now my favorite movie is Remember the Titans. Not because it’s the greatest movie I’ve ever seen, but because the message is so appropriate for our situation right now. Chances are, the movie has lessons you could apply to your job right now, too.

The movie Remember The Titans was a great example of character education

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I can’t say that Remember the Titans is my absolute favorite or the best movie I’ve ever seen. There are so many movies I’ve enjoyed over the years that narrowing it down to one is tough. Various movies resonate with you at different times in your life. If you ask me the same question a year from now, I’ll likely come up with a different answer.