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The theoretical terrain in optics changed with Kepler's doctrine thatvision is mediated by the retinal image and that the retina is thesensitive body in the eye. Previous theorists generally believed thatthe “crystalline humor,” now known as the lens, was thesensitive body. Descartes accepted Kepler's result and framed a newtheory of spatial perception. Some of his theorizing simply adaptedIbn al-Haytham's theories to the newly discovered retinal image. Thus,Ibn al-Haytham held that size is perceived by combining the visualangle that a body subtends with perception of its distance, to arriveat a perception of the true size of the object. (Visual angle isformed by the directions from a vantage point to a seen-object for agiven fixation, e.g., the angle formed by the direction to the feetand to the nose of a person standing at moderate distance to us, withthe eyes fixed for the moment.) In al-Haytham's scheme, visual angleis registered at the surface of the crystalline humor. Descartes heldthat size is perceived by combining visual angle with perceiveddistance, but he now treated visual angle as the extent of an object'sprojection onto the retina.

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Cartesian dualism backs up Rene Descartes mind-body problem in the second and sixth meditations

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Even so Plato idea of dualism did not become a major issue of debate in the philosophical world until the seventeenth century when French philosopher Rene Descartes publicized his ideas concerning the mental and physical world.

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His family wanted Descartes to be a lawyer, like his father and manyother relatives. To this end, he went to Poitiers to study law, obtaining a degree in 1616. But he never practiced law or entered intothe governmental service such practice would make possible (Rodis-Lewis 1998, 18–22). Instead, hebecame a gentleman soldier, moving in 1618 to Breda, to support theProtestant Prince Maurice against the Catholic parts of the Netherlands(which parts later formed Belgium), which were controlled by Spain—a Catholic land,like France, but at this point an enemy.

Cartesian dualism is a type of mind-body dualism formulated by the infamous Rene Descartes (1596-1650).
Descartes, a dualist, contends that the mind and body are two different substances that can exist separately.

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The conclusion that Kim is presenting is that the mind as an immaterial substance cannot causally interact with physical objects and furthermore, not with anything at all; this renders minds futile thus leaving us the conclusion that substance dualism is also useless.

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Second, he recognized that the senses have an essential role to playin natural philosophy. The older interpretive literature sometimes hadDescartes claiming that he could derive all natural philosophical orscientific knowledge from the pure intellect, independent of thesenses. But Descartes knew full well that he could not do that. Hedistinguished between the general principles of his physics and themore particular mechanisms that he posited to explain naturalphenomena, such as magnetism or the properties of oil and water. Heclaimed to derive the general principles “from certain seeds of truth”that are innate in the mind (6:64). These include the fundamentaldoctrine that the essence of matter is extension (Princ.II.3–4, IV.203). As to particular phenomena, in general he had torely on observations to determine their properties (such as theproperties of the magnet), and he acknowledged that multiple hypothesesabout subvisible mechanisms could be constructed to account for thosephenomena. The natural philosopher must, therefore, test the varioushypotheses by their consequences, and consider empirical virtues suchas simplicity and scope (Disc. VI; Princ.IV.201–6). Further, Descartes knew that some problems rely onmeasurements that can only be made with the senses, includingdetermining the size of the sun (7:80) or the refractive indexes ofvarious materials (Met. VIII).

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This conclusion in the Sixth Meditation asserts the well-knownsubstance dualism of Descartes. That dualism leads to problems. AsPrincess Elisabeth, among others, asked: if mind isunextended and matter is extended, how do they interact? This problemvexed not only Descartes, who admitted to Elisabeth that he didn't have a good answer (3:694), but it also vexed Descartes' followers and othermetaphysicians. It seems that, somehow, states of the mind and the body must be brought into relation, because when we decide to pick up a pencilour arm actually moves, and when light hits our eyes we experience thevisible world. But how do mind and body interact? Some of Descartes'followers adopted an occasionalist position, according to which Godmediates the causal relations between mind and body; mind does notaffect body, and body does not affect mind, but God gives the mindappropriate sensations at the right moment, and he makes the body moveby putting it into the correct brain states at a moment thatcorresponds to the volition to pick up the pencil. Other philosophersadopted yet other solutions, including the monism of Spinoza and thepre-established harmony of Leibniz.