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1. For today we have chosen the theme of responsible parenthood in the light of and of . In treating of the subject, the Council document limits itself to recalling the basic premises. However, the papal document goes further, giving a more concrete content to these premises.

The Council text reads as follows: "When it is a question of harmonizing married love with the responsible transmission of life, it is not enough to take only the good intention and the evaluation of motives into account; the objective criteria must be used, criteria drawn from the nature of the human person and human action, criteria which respect the total meaning of mutual self-giving and human procreation in the context of true love; all this is possible only if the virtue of married chastity is seriously practiced" (GS 51).

The Council adds: "In questions of birth regulation, the sons of the Church, faithful to these principles, are forbidden to use methods disapproved of by the teaching authority of the Church" (GS 51).

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An article from BBC’s website shows that the media took sides in the Planned Parenthood controversy. Some supported the funding, while others were surprised because of the perception of the media on the issue. The nature of the language in the article shows how the media had a different point of view on the conundrum. The author of the article tries to insinuate the importance of Planned Parenthood to many people within American society, as he tries to attract the attention of the public to the problem. It is arguable that the author of the article is a supporter of the charity due to the statements he uses in the article. The most important aspect of this article is that it is against the people who politicize the issues concerning the health of people in American society. This article definitely attracts the international community to get involved in the controversy (BBC News 3).

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In the minds of many, mother is unique, the roles of mother universal, and motherhoodunequivocally principal in the development of young children. Cross-cultural surveys attest tothe primacy of biological mothers in all forms of caregiving, and theorists, researchers, andclinicians have typically concerned themselves with motherhood, rather than parenthood, inrecognition of this fact, even if historically fathers' social and legal claims and responsibilitieson children were pre-eminent. The recent nationwide survey found that, althoughthe days when most women "stay home" with children are in the past, fully 65% of America'smothers -- whether working outside the home or not -- continue to bear the largest part of day-to-day responsibilities of childrearing; only 25% say that mother and father share these dutiesequally; and a meager 10% indicates that fathers do most of the basic caregiving each day.

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Despite the central role for responsive parenting in different research frameworks, much of what we know about this parenting style comes from descriptive studies. This means that we can only infer the importance of responsive parenting. To assume a causal influence of responsive parenting on child outcomes would require data from experimental studies with random assignment. A strong body of experimental studies that demonstrate how greater degrees of responsive parenting promote higher levels of learning could provide a clearer understanding of the mechanism by which responsive behaviours promote a child’s learning. Fortunately, there is growing evidence from interventions targeting the facilitation of responsive parent practices that show positive results and some evidence that when responsive behaviours are increased children showed at least short-term increases in cognitive, social, and emotional skills.16,17 However, many questions still need to be addressed including whether there is specificity between particular responsive behaviours and the support they provide for certain areas of child development as well as whether there are sensitive periods of early development when particular types of responsive behaviours are most helpful.

laughter and life to a family existence, but responsible parenting involves more than laughing and playing with them.

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Within-family experiences exercise a major impact during the early years of life. Thenuclear family triad of mother, father, child constitutes the crucible in which children initiallygrow and develop. A full understanding of what it means to parent a child, however, depends onthe ecology in which that parenting takes place. Family constitution, context, social class, andcultural variation also affect patterns of childrearing and exert salient influences on the ways inwhich young children are reared and what is expected of them as they grow. These earlyrelationships all ensure that the "parenting" which children experience is rich and multifaceted. Parenting is immensely time consuming and effortful. In parenting, we sometimes don't knowwhat to do, but we can find out; sometimes, we do know what to do, but still don't get into thetrenches and do it. On the other side, the characteristics developed and acquired in childhood areformative and fundamental, in the sense that they endure, or at least constitute features that laterdevelopments or experiences in maturity build on or modify. Of course, human development istoo subtle, dynamic, and intricate to assert that parenthood alone determines the course andoutcome of ontogeny; stature in adulthood is shaped by the actions of individuals themselves,and by experiences that take place after childhood. Parenthood does not fix the route orterminus of the child's development. But it makes sense that effects have causes -- and that thestart exerts an impact on the end. Hence, the enormous implications and enduring significance... and reason to refocus on parenthood.

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To fathom the nature of parenthood and parent-child relationships within families,therefore, requires of us a multivariate and dynamic stance. It is, unfortunately, only by takingmultiple circumstances into consideration simultaneously that we can appreciate individual,dyadic, and family level aspects within the family and reflect the embeddedness of the familywithin its many relevant extrafamilial systems. The dynamic aspect involves the differentdevelopmental trajectories of individuals in the family. Parenting a child is akin to trying to "hita moving target", the everchanging child developing in fits and starts at his or her own pace. Parents and children stimulate and provide feedback to one another. In order to maintainappropriate influence and guidance, parents must effectively adjust their interactions, cognitions,emotions, affections, and strategies for exerting influence to the age-graded activities, abilities,and experiences of children. The multiple pathways and dynamics of parenting and childdevelopment present us with the really quite "messy" facts of life, and it makes everyone's jobharder: researchers have to develop new paradigms and research methdologies to accommodatethis chaos; similarly, the use of this perspective in the development and implementation ofparenting programs as well as policy development is problematic. Yet, out of all this complexityand chaos, we could potentially understand more about the reality of families and children andparenting. It is no wonder, however, that children do not come with an Operating Manual; itwould have to be as encyclopedic as life itself.