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When I recollect how lately congress, conventions, legislatures, and peoplecontended in the cause of liberty, and carefully weighed the importance oftaxation, I can scarcely believe we are serious in proposing to vest the powersof laying and collecting internal taxes in a government so imperfectly organizedfor such purposes. Should the United States be taxed by a house ofrepresentatives of two hundred members, which would be about fifteen members forConnecticut, twenty-five for Massachusetts, etc. , still the middle and lowerclasses of people could have no great share, in fact, in taxation. I am awareit is said, that the representation proposed by the new constitution issufficiently numerous; it may be for many purposes; but to suppose that thisbranch is sufficiently numerous to guard the rights of the people in theadministration of the government, in which the purse and sword is placed, seemsto argue that we have forgot what the true meaning of representation is. . . .

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citizens may soon have to choose between civil liberties and more intrusive forms of protection.

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It has been proved, by indisputable evidence, that power is not the grandprinciple of union among the parts of a very extensive empire; and that whenthis principle is pushed beyond the degree necessary for rendering justicebetween man and man, it debases the character of individuals, and renders themless secure in their persons and property. Civil liberty consists in theconsciousness of that security, and is best guarded by political liberty, whichis the share that every citizen has in the government. Accordingly all ouraccounts agree, that in those empires which are commonly called despotic, andwhich comprehend by far the greatest part of the world, the government is mostfluctuating, and property least secure. In those countries insults are borne bythe sovereign, which, if offered to one of our governors, would fill us withhorror, and we should think the government dissolving.

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Strangely enough, despite Lee's overall achievements, the Union repulse of Lee's raid offered Lincoln an opportunity to transform the war. With the failure of McClellan's Richmond campaign, Lincoln had decided on emancipation and black enlistment. The war was all about slavery, Lincoln had concluded, and if the nation reunited, the United States would have to settle the slavery issue and move beyond it. Federal recruitment, moreover, had slowed to a trickle. The largest untapped resource available was African Americans. They produced for the Confederacy; they could contribute in and out of uniform to the Union.

When Hitler is named Chancellor: Prime Minister of Germany in 1933 he outlaws all civil liberties & all political parties except the Nazi Party.
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In a word, the new constitution will prove finally to dissolveall the power of the several state legislatures, and destroy the rights andliberties of the people; for the power of the first will be all in all, and ofthe latter a mere shadow and form without substance, and if adopted we may (inimitation of the Carthagenians) say, Delenda vit America.

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Early in the war, both sides had more volunteers than they could arm and clothe, and many frustrated volunteers were not accepted. By 1862, however, matters began to change. Most of the Confederates who enlisted in 1861 did so for a one-year term. As both sides geared up for spring offensives, the Davis administration and his generals feared their armies would dissolve. In April 1862, the Confederate Congress passed laws that established all white males between ages eighteen and thirty-five as eligible for military service. Everyone called into service would be subject to a three-year term, unless the war ended sooner, and those people already in service who were of draft age had their terms of service extended to three years. This was the first conscription act in American history. Draftees had the opportunity to hire substitutes, and in October 1862 the act was amended so that individuals who owned more than twenty slaves could acquire an exemption for an adult white male. Throughout the remainder of the war, the Confederacy continued to draft, expanding the age limits on both ends, and to recruit to fill its ranks. The Confederacy eventually forbade substitutes as well.

Parliamentary taxation British military measures Restriction of civil liberties The legacy ..

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I would here observe, that the judicial power extends, expressly, to allcivil cases that may arise save such as arise between citizens of the samestate, with this exception to those of that description, that the judicial ofthe United States have cognizance of cases between citizens of the same state,claiming lands - under grants of different states. Nothing more, therefore, isnecessary to give the courts of law, under this constitution, completejurisdiction of all civil causes, but to comprehend cases between citizens ofthe same state not included in the foregoing exception.