Shmoop breaks down key quotations from Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet did their best to keep out of the violence but the people around them such as family friends and the local community that were making them unhappy.

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Romeo and Juliet had a strong love for each which no one could separate even if they were apart.

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In Romeo and Juliet and in real life, three main reasons why children should not always obey their parents include that times have changed from when they were that age, parents think they know their child the best when they really don’t, and the children need to become self-reliant and their own...

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In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, one is able to witness how serious mistakes that were left unrealized, and forgotten, led to the tragic death of the two protagonists.

One of Shakespeare’s most prominent plays is titled The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

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main reason they decide to go in the first place is out of spite for
the Capulets, however, at the ball, Romeo meets Juliet, the love of
his life.

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The play is a very tragic at the end when Romeo and Juliet die due with their parent’s strife and hatred; however their death ends the anger and rage between the two families.

Romeo and Juliet is a great example of a Shakespearean tragedy....

Being but heavy, I will bear the light.” (1.4.11-12)

Romeo is being quite tedious and is not in the mood to compete with
Mercutio’s wild character but eventually he is persuaded to go.

This is the theme of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

This makes their love more profound and beautiful and it
makes the audience completely forget about the reason for Romeo coming
to the ball in the first place.

Among the great literary tragedies, Romeo and Juliet may be the most famous of them all.

This ultimately leads to Romeo and Juliet’s suicide.

If the letter from Friar Laurence were to get delivered to Romeo by Friar John, he would have known that Juliet wasn’t really dead and that it was just a plan to help her get out of her marriage with Count Paris....

While Romeo is at the ball he spots Juliet and instantly falls in love with her....

Juliet is outraged and asks the nurse to leave.

Romeo and Juliet paints a tale about two young lovers, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, whose attempts to be together are cruelly thwarted by society....

In the beginning, Romeo and Juliet meet each other for the first time at a party.

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Forswear it sight,

For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.” (1.5.41&49)

This is an example of courtly love as Romeo refers to Juliet in terms
of light saying that her beauty is brighter than any fire from the
torches and that her presence lights up a room.