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This broad conception of philosophy arose in part from Russell’sidealist origins (Hylton 1990a, Griffin 1991). This is so, even thoughRussell tells us that his one, true revolution in philosophy came as a result of his break from idealism. Russell saw that theidealist doctrine of internal relations led to a series ofcontradictions regarding asymmetrical (and other) relations necessaryfor mathematics. As he reports,

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Russell himself had recognized several of these same concerns as earlyas 1903, noting that it was unlikely that any single solution wouldresolve all of the known paradoxes. Together with Whitehead, he wasalso able to introduce a new axiom, the axiom of reducibility, whichlessened the vicious circle principle’s scope of application and soresolved many of the most worrisome aspects of type theory. Even so, critics claimed that the axiom was simply too ad hoc to bejustified philosophically. For additional discussion see Linsky(1990), Linsky (2002) and Wahl (2011).

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Russell’s most important writings relating to these topics include notonly his Principles of Mathematics (1903),“Mathematical Logic as Based on the Theory of Types”(1908), and Principia Mathematica (1910, 1912, 1913),but also his earlier Essay on the Foundations ofGeometry (1897) and his Introduction to MathematicalPhilosophy (1919a), the last of which was written while Russellwas serving time in Brixton Prison as a result of his anti-waractivities. Coincidentally, it was at roughly this same timethat , Russell’smost famous pupil, was completing his TractatusLogico-Philosophicus (1921) while being detained as a prisonerof war at Monte Cassino in Italy during World War I.

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This is the type of doctrine Russell opposed, especially with respectto the asymmetrical relations necessary for mathematics. For example,consider two numbers, one of which is found earlier than the other ina given series:

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Russell’s contributions to metaphysics and epistemology are alsounified by his views concerning the centrality of both scientificknowledge and the importance of there being an underlying methodologycommon to both philosophy and science. In the case of philosophy, thismethodology expresses itself through Russell’s use of logical analysis(Hager 1994, Irvine 2004). In fact, Russell often claims that he hasmore confidence in his methodology than in any particularphilosophical conclusion.

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Russell appears to have developed this theory around 1913, whileworking on his Theory of Knowledge manuscript and onhis 1914 Monist article, “On the Nature ofAcquaintance.” Decades later, in 1964, he remarked that “Iam not conscious of any serious change in my philosophy since Iadopted neutral monism” (Eames 1967, 511). Even so, over thenext several decades Russell continued to do a large amount oforiginal work, authoring such important books as The Analysisof Mind (1921), The Analysis of Matter (1927a),An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth (1940) andHuman Knowledge: Its Scope and Limits (1948).

A recent meta-analysis (Gersten & Baker, 1999) highlights research-based instructional approaches for teaching written expression to students with learning disabilities.

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According to Hogston and Simpson (2002, p398) reflection is "a process of reviewing an experience of practice in order to better describe, analyse and evaluate, and so inform learning about practice"....

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On Russell’s view, the subject matterof philosophy is then distinguished from that of the sciences only bythe generality and a prioricity of philosophical statements,not by the underlying methodology of the discipline. In philosophy,just as in mathematics, Russell believed that it was by applyinglogical machinery and insights that advances in analysis would bemade.