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According to studies undertaken by the Institute of Transport and Logistical Studies, the University of Sydney, travelling to school by bus is 4.4 times safer than walking, 55 times safer than riding a bicycle, 9 times safer than riding a motorbike and 1.38 times safer than being driven in the family car.

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Bus Safety
There has been a raging debate over the issue of children’s safety in schools and at their homestead. The debate has emerged due to the ever-increasing insecurity cases on school-going children (Phil, 2012). To counter the crisis, stakeholders in the education sector have come up with various policies and measures aimed at ensuring maximum safety of school going children both within the school compound and outside school. It is also the responsibility of school administration and policy makers to ensure that school bus travel is sufficiently safe (Phil, 2012). In the past two decades, a good number of schools have put in place several measures and policies to facilitate bus safety. According to the existing school safety regulations, parents are supposed to ensure that, their children are at the school bus stop on time. Children are also expected to stay at the end of the road, enter the school bus in single file holding the hand rail, avoid rowdy behaviour and keep their heads and arms inside the bus.

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School Safety
The core role of facilitating adequate safety in schools is to enhance a secure and safe learning environment (Ken, 2010). Researchers have confirmed that the most effective means of ensuring safety among children in school is to know the number of children and the family background of the children who are in a school (Phil, 2012). Moreover, listening and identifying the unusual behaviour among children can be an effective means of enhancing security in schools. In general, the most effective procedure and process of ensuring the security of the children both in school and while on board the school bus should have the following steps. First, parents and teachers should be informed on their role in protecting children (Ken, 2010). Secondly, school administration ought to provide the required protection devices in school such as protective wear (Phil, 2012). Thirdly, all players should comply with the existing security guidelines and procedures. Finally, schools should undertake consistent evaluation of their security plan (Phil, 2012).

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To view Busways' safety brochure which provides information about school bus safety and some simple steps to help children remain safe whilst travelling to and from school,

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