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I'm a current English and Psychology double major at Santa Clara University. I hope to be an English teacher in the future! I love reading and writing, espe...

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Santa Clara University
1. Briefly describe how you learned about Santa Clara University. (1000 characters max)
2. What aspects of Santa Clara make it one of your top choices? (800 characters max)
-I am taking business major from XX College
-I am looking forward to enter a university with a Catholic-religion basis
-I especially love Math Subjects
-I heard about its high reputation in business major in this prestigious university, so I decided to go to California last thanksgiving holiday and visited Santa Clara University.
-I have some friends and cousins who went and graduated from Santa Clara University
-SCU is one of the best and first coeducational Catholic universities in California where we can conduct religiously inspired activities
-The school is known high reputation on Business major and high reputation instructor and graduates.
-The school have Compatible environment with exceptional resources and small sized classroom for conducting efficient studies and learning process.
-Please divide into 2 different numbers and number it

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I would like to see more emphasis on the religious/spiritual side of the University. I believe that curriculum was the primary truth we were educated to seek at Santa Clara. Yes, I know we were there to get a job. I bring this request because of the tenor of the letters to the editors concerning Gavin Newsom. Maybe the University needs an extensive, probative curriculum about Christian sexuality. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but knowing God’s ways is only discerned in truth and in spirit.

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I am a Computer Engineering Masters student at Santa Clara University, CA. I like to tutor and teach Math during my free time. I like to make complex concepts s...

I am currently a sophomore at Santa Clara University, studying economics. Always loved math ever since I was a kid.

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Hi! I'm a junior at Santa Clara University majoring in electrical engineering with minors in bioengineering and English. My hobbies include baking, hiking, ...

I am a graduate student from santa clara university in the field of computer science.I have 2.5 years of work experience in linux.

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Located on bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, sunny U.C. Santa Barbara is a perfect getaway for superior summer training. It provides spacious grassy athletic fields for training, a university stadium for night games, an outdoor swimming pool for recreation, and a great beach for swimming. The campus is located 95 miles from Los Angeles, 215 miles from San Diego, and 320 miles from San Francisco.

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LOL. I'm trying to get over the fact that the law school is even listed on Yelp (or the fact that I actually looked it up)! It's over a six-figure commitment and three years of life, not just something to "try" like a restaurant or dessert joint around the block.

This review is not about the legal profession and my personal experience in law, but just the school. The former would be a essay in volumes.

I'm from the South Bay so Santa Clara was the logical choice since I didn't want to move. They have a early decision program and I got in the December before the following fall when I started (I didn't apply anywhere else and saved on app fees and trouble). I made lifelong friends here and enjoyed my time at school. The property is great, classes are clean and new, law library has been renovated, most of the professors are available and cooperative, there are many opportunities to volunteer and study abroad (Munich program!), the gym has a great pool, there's a cafeteria and lounge with a bar and pool tables and you are provided as many free earplugs as you like.

Overall, I was content and satisfied with my experience here. I graduated in 2006 and enjoyed most of my professors, especially my first year professors that I took again later. I passed the bar the first time (thank God) and landed a sweet job. What more can you ask for?

I know I disclaimed that I was going to write about my personal experiences, but here's one caveat if you're thinking about going to law school: You can't expect things to "fall" into your lap in law school. You have to work for it. Not everyone is cut out for the legal profession, let alone law school. It takes persistence, hard work and commitment (life-long). Also, just b/c you received high marks in college doesn't mean you'll necessarily do the same in law school (or vice versa). Work hard and good luck!