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It’s not that college is less important than it was twenty or thirty years ago. College will always be a place where people are exposed to new experiences and discover what they want to do in life. But when college becomes about grades, test scores and just slogging through towards a piece of paper, it loses its original meaning. College should not be a debt factory, pushing undergrads through to a life of monthly statements for a massive loan. Despite my disappointment in my own undergraduate experience, I still feel that college is an important part of young adulthood that should be open to everyone. But the pressure put upon high schoolers, as early as their freshman year, must be stopped. People should choose to go to college, not be coerced. And it is essential that college remain accessible to those who choose to go, particularly in financial terms.

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Other people think that lengthening the school year and shortening vacations is a bad ..

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This shortening of the school year may sound cool to you, but if you think about the fact that it is extreme poverty that drives families to take their kids out of school and make them work, you might count your blessings for those weeks of school in September, October, May and (ugh, the worst) June.

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What is one to do, though, if one is not this focused? Essentially, there are two possibilities: go to college, or not. Some are familiar with the example to follow: A recent high school graduate, who might have many interests or none at all, enters college undeclared. Like this he remains for one year, at which point he realizes that he would not act judiciously were he to repeat this $30,000 journey leading back to where he started. So he chooses a major, basing this decision upon those classes which keep him awake, or those easy enough for him to sleep through. Thus, with little regard for his future job, he becomes a Biology major. Three years later he will be choosing among graduate schools.

Whereas last year saw INSEAD shortening the essay portion of its application, ..
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(if not shortening in the final year or two of school), the Chinese public school year grows as students get older.

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Shortening School Week a Four-Gone Conclusion? St. Paul Pioneer Press (MN) March 9, 2009. Three-day weekends throughout the school year? Every kid?s dream could become a reality for at least some students as school districts across the country assess four-day weeks as a cost-saving measure. But could the idea ever work in …

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