It works every time, hero or villain.

He presents a conflict, and the characters eventually resolve the conflict in a relatively happy ending, which involves marrying off the hero and his entourage to the heroine and her companions, leaving the villain outside the "magic circle" of protagonists.

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Shylock is seen as a villain because of the way he acts towards other people....

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She describesthe paradox of how such a "fool"'s quiet wisdom and effortexceeds that ofmany people in the learned professions ("as full of labour as a wiseman's art").Andrew and Toby, who must have been watching the garden,come in and speak to Viola.

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In my personal opinion, the evidence from Shakespeare's original text and Roland Polanski's video version strongly suggests that Macbeth was a true villain rather than a hero.

In this scene, I see Shylock not as the comical buffoon or villain but as the outsider.

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By choosing to emphasize different areas of the story, the artists’ manipulate their audiences’ view of how the protagonist fits in the hero and villain spectrum....

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In The Merchant of Venice, Antonio is presented as the hero, and Shylock the villain, but neither is within the circle of marriages at the end of Act V....

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Walley said of all of Shakespeare's characters, hero or villain, that "Their conduct is always presented as logical and justifiable from their point of view3." To maintain the literary integrity of the play, "Shakespeare is under the necessity of making clear why a man like Shylock should be wrought to such a pitch of vindictive hatred as to contemplate murder4." His evil must have some profound motivation, and that motivation is the evil done to him.

These actions prove that Antonio is mistreated by Shylock, the villain.

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to Shakespeare's plays are .Shakespeare's late tragedies, , and , are widely considered to be among the greatest plays ever written, while such other works as , , and have profoundly influenced Anglophone culture.Incidentally, he left his wife Anne his "second-best bed" in his will, which has had historians scratching their heads for centuries.

This essay will argue Edmond Ludlow's words,

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He represents the tormented receiver of evil from society, the evil villain plotting to destroy the hero, and most importantly, a man fueled by others' evil to exhibit his own.

One of the protagonists, Abigail Williams, a teenage orphan, is thought to be the main villain who caused so many to lose their lives.

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Yet that formal resolution has not defined the play’s actual impact—not now, not when I first read it as a college freshman, and probably not even in Shakespeare’s time. As I grasp more fully after a lifetime of immersion in Shakespeare, the uncomfortable experience I had when I was seventeen—the troubled identification with the play’s villain, even in the midst of my pleasurable absorption in its comic plot—did not finally depend on my particular identity or history. The cunning magic of the play was the disturbance it arouses in everyone. If Shylock had behaved himself and remained a mere comic foil—like Don John the Bastard, in “”—there would have been no disturbance. But Shakespeare conferred too much energy on his Jewish usurer for the boundaries of native and alien, us and them, to remain intact.