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The question before the Court was, is a search constitutional if it would never have taken place if the police were not looking for an excuse to get around the requirements of the Fourth Amendment? In its friend-of-the-court brief, the ACLU argued that pretextual searches violate the core principles of the Fourth Amendment, and warned that to sanction such searches was to "invite discriminatory enforcement." The Court did not heed our warning, however, and instead declared that any traffic offense committed by a driver was a legitimate legal basis for a stop, regardless of the officer's subjective state of mind.

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Speeding ticket excuse essay ..

says that to survive traffic stops, he "learned the rules of the game years before... Don't move. Don't turn around. Don't give some rookie an excuse to shoot you." The perspective of Mr. Darden – who spent 14 years working closely with police to prosecute accused criminals – is not unique. And for people of color, it continues to be reinforced by far too many real-life experiences.

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Another African American, Judith Hyman, said she was stopped by a Portland police officer while driving on a city street with her son, who is black, and his girlfriend, who is white. "The officer pulled us over to see if we had our seat belts on," Hyman said. "We all were wearing seat belts and I wasn't speeding, so, really, why were we stopped?"

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I was speeding to get home in time for curfew, but that is not an excuse.

Now she must write an essay explaining why speeding is an offense

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