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Stalin's aims can be called the "Four faces of Stalinism," and, following the New Economic Policy, passed several Five Year Plans to industrialise and improve the economy....

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Much of the hugely abundant wheat crop harvested by the Ukrainians thatyear was dumped on the foreign market to generate cash to aid Stalin'sFive Year Plan for the modernization of the Soviet Union and also to helpfinance his massive military buildup. If the wheat had remained in theUkraine, it was estimated to have been enough to feed all of the peoplethere for up to two years.

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Stalin realised that if Russia was to become a key player in the global market, the country needed to industrialise rapidly and increase production. To do this, Stalin introduced the Five-year Plans.

Stalin’s technique to take Germany forward was using five year plans
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Stalin stated this in one of his speeches in 1931 where he said: "we are fifty to one hundred years behind the advance countries to the west, either we make up this gap in five to ten years or they will crush us." The first five-year plan was set for the period of time between 192...

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Stalin implemented both these policies (collectivization and rapid industrialization) in his first five-year plan (1928-1933), and was also successful in their execution; however, in the later years, owing to widespread internal and international oppositions, apart from several other unfavorable factors, the success rate began to drop.

Stalin's dream was to build a totalitarian state, wherein the society would completely be under control of the state.

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