This occurrence is also seen in the development of second languages.

Second language learners will also need assistance during the revising/editing stage from teachers and from other students. Changes in writing will need to address word usage and clarification of ideas, as well as grammatical accuracy, punctuation, spelling and capitalization. It is important to remember that second language students may have difficulty recognizing their own errors or the errors of their peers. A self-assessment checklist may help them monitor their own writing. However, care should be taken with peer editing groups. In addition, it is important that correction be done in a comfortable environment.

Most Americans learn a second language in adulthood.

The great amount of research in second language acquisition was done after World War II....

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Purpose of the test Was to expand the skills of professionals who will in turn impart this knowledge to speakers of second languages and form a basis for professionalism in language teaching as well as evaluate their as understanding of English language in a classroom situation.

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The article Principles of Instructed Second Language Acquisition by Rod Ellis is a very meaningful article that acknowledges and explains in detail the principles of language acquisition and how to imply such learning principles within the classroom setting....

Therefore, both of them should be emphasize in English language teaching.

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Integrating the arts into everyday lessons has proven not only to aid those who speak English, but those who are English Language Leaners (ELLs) as well.

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Translating is the least useful strategy for writing in a second language. There is often a wide discrepancy between what students can express in their first language and what their limited foreign language lexicon enables them to do. They frequently resort to using a dictionary to look up every word and end up with a literal translation that may be completely incomprehensible and even embarrassing.

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Among these methods are the Content-enriched English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, the Cognitive Academic Language Approach (CALLA), and Sheltered content instruction....

It is the language that is most taught and learnt as a foreign and/ or a second language worldwide.

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English - the most important second language Over 700 million people in the world speak English and it is the international language of diplomacy, business, science, technology, banking, computing, medicine, engineering, tourism, and Hollywood films.

Many countries chose English as a second language; and Vietnam is one of them.

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In doing research on learning a second language, Krashen recognized three personal issues that affect the success or failure of English language learners.

- Bilingual Education - Does bilingual education only go to further the isolation of ESL (English as second language) students?

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Second language learners should be encouraged to use word processing programs throughout the writing process. The programs facilitate the process and are especially helpful with the composing, revising, and editing stages because they do not require students to rewrite their work. They help students format their work and produce copies which are clearly legible and professional looking. These programs are especially helpful for students who are accustomed to a different alphabet (i.e. Chinese, Russian) and are only beginning to learn to write using the romanized alphabet for English.