The 1849 gold rush in California.

A few years later Edward Hargraves's discovery of gold near Bathurst prompted a similar rush to the Australian colonies of New South Wales and Victoria.(Boisserry 11) Scenarios of lawlessness in the Californian and Australian goldfields became numerous.

They later would play a huge role in the California Gold rush.

As most folks do, when I think of the term “Gold Rush”, it conjures up images of the West.

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Thousands of gold hunters from all corners of the world did so in hopes of striking rich after an abrupt discovery of gold in the American territory of California.

This idea started in part by California’s famous Gold Rush.

A vast amount of different types of exhibits, lectures, and other forms of public history have been made about the Gold Rush, making finding one that is truly unique difficult.

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What fueled the settlers to do their crimes was that in a nine year period(1848-1852) an estimated 24.3 million ounces of gold was prospected during the California Gold Rush; the value of the is around $6.9 billion worth of the precious metal.

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The population of Indians was an estimated 150,000 in 1845; 25 years later and 22 years after the beginning of the Goldrush an estimated number of only 30,000 Indians were living.

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The Wiyots are northern California Indians who were tragically massacred during the Gold Rush era.
Only a few Wiyot descendants remain today, merged with Yurok and Hupa neighbors.

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Men leaving their families in the East and heading West in hopes of striking it rich are the stories that most of us heard about when we learn about the California Gold Rush.

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The encounter of gold nuggets in the Sacramento Valley in early 1848 triggered one of the most crucial occurrences to influence American history during the beginning of the 19th century, the Gold Rush.