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When militarist Germany decides to settle its frontier disputes by force, we are not in the least surprised; but when the people of Angola, for example, decide to take up arms, when the Algerian people reject all means which are not violent, these are proofs that something has happened or is happening at this very moment.

transformed the field through his concept of the decisive moment.

This article explores 10 features of this idea originally propoosed by Cartier-Bresson.

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Split your payment apart - The decisive moment essay Photographic Psychology: The Decisive Moment What exactly is this elusive concept in photography called the Decisive Moment?

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In his 1952 landmark monograph The Decisive Moment, he defined his The decisive moment essay and also anne baxter biography The decisive moment essay and more example of a film critique paper.

But it is above all Budapest and Suez which constitute the decisive moments of this confrontation.
Yesterday they were completely irresponsible; today they mean to understand everything and make all decisions.

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On September 17, 1862, Union troops finally gave Lincoln the military triumph for which he was waiting. On the bloodiest day of the war, the North repelled an invading Confederate army at the Battle of Antietam, Maryland. It was by no means a decisive or overwhelming victory. General Robert E. Lee's forces were allowed to escape Maryland weakened but intact, doubtless able to fight another day. But it was victory enough. Lincoln retreated to his summer retreat on the outskirts of Washington, and began expanding his draft order into a full-blown presidential proclamation. To save time, he used a pair of scissors to clip some relevant sections of the recently passed Congressional Confiscation Act, and pasted them onto his hurriedly composed document—forever leaving his fingerprint on the surviving document. Five days later, on Monday, September 22, just as he had promised his Cabinet and himself, Abraham Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation. As he told his Cabinet ministers: "I made a solemn vow with God that if General Lee was driven back...I would crown the result with a declaration of freedom for the slaves." Lincoln's Proclamation gave the Confederacy until January 1 to return to the Union, or forfeit its slaves forever.

When that day comes, we'll hang out the flags, for it will be a decisive moment for the men and women of the whole world.

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On July 22, a blisteringly hot summer day in Washington, Lincoln called his Cabinet together and told them that he had reached a momentous decision. A President who customarily polled his Cabinet on all issues of public policy, and then deferred to their collective wisdom, he bluntly told them this time that he would entertain no opposition or debate on the main point. He had already made up his mind. Then he unfolded some hand-written papers and slowly read aloud a sketchily composed preliminary order freeing slaves in the rebellious states. No one present dissented. But Secretary of State Seward expressed a sensible concern. With the war going so badly, he worried, would not most Americans regard an emancipation announcement be as "a cry for help—our last shriek on the retreat?" Seward proposed postponing the Proclamation until the Union could win a victory on the battlefield. Reluctantly, Lincoln conceded the wisdom in Seward's suggestion. But he must have felt enormous frustration. His top commander in the East, General George B. McClellan, had just led his massive army in a lumbering, clumsy attempt to capture the Confederate capital of Richmond, only to be repulsed by a much smaller defending army. The humiliation had all but obscured the heartening news from the West, where a rising general, Ulysses S. Grant, had won a costly but convincing victory at the Battle of Shiloh.

Badaracco, Jr.’s book, “Defining Moments”, focuses on the ethical decision making process of “right versus right” from a management standing point.

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