There are five loosely connected sections. In the first I approach anthropology’s relationship to political economy through an attempt to define ‘the human economy’. I then address the inequality of our world through the idea of apartheid as a universal principle of social organization. This is because the dominant social form of the twentieth century, state capitalism, combines the territorial imperative of agrarian civilization with the powers unleashed by the machine revolution. I go on to consider the possibility that the digital revolution in communications has spawned a successor phase, tentatively labeled ‘virtual capitalism’. Finally I develop a class analysis aimed at clarifying the issues at stake in the political economy of the internet. These explorations point to an anthropological method for grasping our moment in history on a scale appropriate to the forces transforming it.

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a) Talk about the evolution of social media – How has social media changed society in the last 20 years? How have the programs evolved? The messages transmitted? Have the objectives of using social media evolved? What type of people started using social media and who is using it now? For example how homosexuality is very common nowadays and if society has helped on it b) Social media and politics (in general) – How has social media helped – or not – in politics? Who was the first political figure appearing in social media? Who was the first political figure on using the social media as asupport for his political campaign? Was it successful? Why? Within the political world, what role does the social media play? LATER WILL TALK ABOUT BOTH OF THE CAMPAIGNS THAT OBAMA MADE AND SPECIALLY ABOUT THEONE HE WON THANKS TO SOCIAL MEDIA c) Social media in campaigns

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This essay attempts to draw together several strands of my work in the context of celebrating Henry Rosenfeld’s life. I never managed, as he has, to develop an anthropology rooted in the history of political conflict where I live; but I share with him a commitment to making anthropological writing relevant to understanding the forces that shape contemporary society. In particular, I have been drawn to examine the political economy of state capitalism and its alternatives, and I have found much that is inspirational in his historical political economy of Israel/Palestine during the period of state capitalism’s ascendancy. An anthropological approach to these questions must be vivid and particular in its treatment of people’s lives, as Henry’s invariably is. But, for the purposes of this short essay, I concentrate on outlining the abstract reasons that I have found for juxtaposing anthropology and political economy.

Anthropology is a global discipline involving humanities, social sciences and natural sciences
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The current feeling of many scholars is that Kuhn may have oversimplified things, buthis ideas cannot be dismissed. The Kuhnian Revolution spawned related fieldslike Sociology of Science, History of Science, and Rhetoric of Science – fieldsnow enjoying their own academic departments at major universities. Thesedepartments turned the scientific method on science itself. They pulled the plug onthe triumphal parade of science as an inexorable March of Progress toward The Truth. Science now had to be treated like any other enterprise of fallible human beings. Philosophers, sociologists, historians and rhetoricians sliced and diced science intolittle bits. What do we mean by scientific discovery? What do we meanby a scientific explanation? What branches of science should be included inthe science department--political science?

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Indian anthropologists who made great contributions towards Anthropology are listed below: 1

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