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Billy Collins has used a specific metaphor, simile, rhyme and personification in his poem ‘Introduction to poetry’ in order to show how one should better understand a poem.

Billy Collins, The History Teacher.

“Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins is a reflection on how readers should read poetry.

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“Introduction To Poetry” is, in fact, the introduction to a collection of poetry called Poetry 180, a program started by Collins during his time as poet laureate for the United States.

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Billy Collins’ unique writing style and various trademarks directly influenced by his ability to propagate an array of emotions for the reader, his humorous tone, and the accessibility of the topics he describes within his poetry.

Collins has received the title of Poet Laureate of the United States twice and also has received countless awards and acknowledgements....

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Collins' poems often take the form of close, witty observations of the world around him—things from his daily life and experience. In "Introduction to Poetry," Collins draws on his experience as a teacher and his interactions with his students.

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In addition, Billy Collins, also, states that readers should not torture poems and ignore the significance each stanza represents, but dissect, enjoy, and appreciate the journey they will take while reading poetry....

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There can be no doubt that Michael Ondaatje's long poem The Collected Works of Billy the Kid is a violent work, but certain factors should be kept in mind before passing it off as an attempt to shock and titillate; certainly, the poem does both of these, but they are not the primary purpose of the work....

The teacher in Billy Collinss poem The History Teacher is an example of this.

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When you read a Billy Collins poem, you might smile a knowing smile, nod sympathetically, laugh a little, or miss a good friend. What you won't do is spend much time with your dictionary or walk away from the poem with that all to familiar "poem" feeling of what just happened to me? Was that even in English?

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Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner, and Billy Collins, distinguished American poet, as well as countless other authors, share the utilization of characters in their literary works....

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2.A stanza is a group of lines in poetry. (Billy Collins’ poem “Snow Day” on page 41 is eight five-line stanzas, for example.) Write a poem of three-line stanzas that follows this pattern: The first line consists of an abstraction, plus a verb, plus a place; the second line describes attire; and the third line of each stanza summarizes an action. Let it flow. Each stanza should make sense by itself; all together the poem does not have to make absolute sense. See the examples on page 24 of Imaginative Writing. Your completed poem should be at least eight stanzas.