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Bad causes (of course there are degrees of badness, of an extreme kind) often have at least one more sympathetic character. Regimes which torture and execute their own people and others they can lay their hands on may have as their public face urbane and sophisticated types who disarm criticism fluently, even charmingly. Saddam Hussein had Tariq Aziz as the 'acceptable' face of mass massacre and other crimes. Colonel Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam played a much lesser role, becoming prominent only in the closing stages of the Colonel's hold on power, but played a similar role. At least, he showed no obvious traces of derangement in front of the cameras. Even the Nazis had their less repulsive Nazis, in the view of some, such as Hans Frank, despite the fact that he was at the head of the most extreme government of all the occupied countries.

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'This 'argument' is worse than feeble, practically moronic. Humanity has a general responsibility to domestic animals and a general responsibility not to inflict unnecessary suffering on wild animals, but no general responsibility to prevent the suffering of a wild animal caused by another wild animal. There are no responsibilities in cases where action is impossible, except for token gestures. Making these token gestures would be a ridiculous waste of time, energy and money. Are people with a concern for animal welfare expected to fly to an African country, equip ourselves with tranquillizing equipment and begin 'stopping lions from killing antelope in so far as we are capable,' or send money to people in Africa who can undertake the task on our behalf? All the world's resources would be completely insufficient to do more than make a start on such a grandiose and nonsensical project.'

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Jim Goodwin said: “
The impossible is often the untried.” I believe this to be true and there is no
reason for myself or anyone not to try for their own personal dreams and

Jim Goodwin said: "The impossible is often the untried."

I resist completely any suggestion that in situations of crisis, only issues which are relevant to the crisis are important. Unless it becomes more or less impossible, interest in the full range of human issues (which include issues to do with animals) should continue as before. There are many historical examples to show that this has been the case. The stupendous cultural achievements of 5th century Athens were achieved despite the fact that Athens fought the Peloponnesian War. The fact that Athens' survival was so often in doubt didn't lead to any ignoring of architecture, drama and other fields. During the Second World War, many, many books were published in Britain which had nothing to do with the winning of the war or Britain's fight for survival - books on poetry and so much else.

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In this page on Israel I write: 'Countries that can be considered free have been surrendering more and more of their freedoms. Complacency and lack of resolve have allowed them to slide towards an Age of Post-enlightenment. Most often, freedoms have been eroded by the growth of informal censorship, self-censorship, strong disapproval, but sometimes by new legislation.' Kenny Hodgart writes well about one such piece of legislation in this country: