It was Darwin's research aboard the H.M.S.

The actual "John" part of this name looks a lot like "John" in Italian, the variant "Gianni" of "Giovanni." "Gianni" is pronounced a whole lot like "Johnny" in English.

Seeing Greece of the Dark Ages (c.

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Beldar Conehead takes Sinbad's advice.

The Sanskrit term was originally for a class of deities, such as Varuna, that were somewhat more remote and fearsome than the devas, who were the gods, like Indra, that were closer to human affairs.

Note 4Miriam Lichtheim, , University of California Press, 1973, p.

As it happens, the Loeb edition of Herodotus [, Volume III, Books V-VII, Harvard, 1928, 2006, pp.544-545] translates the inscription as, "Go tell the Spartans, thou that passest by,/ That here obedient to their words we lie." Oh.

This famous book discusses in-depth many important aspects of the study of life....

A summary of Chapter III in Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species

Phoenician colonies coexisted with Greek cities in Cyprus and Sicily, but excluded Greeks on Sardinia and Corsica, in the south of Spain, and especially along North Africa.

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But after all this, we may then ask, that if trade is to be associated with the origin of philosophy, why did not philosophy start with the Phoenicians?

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The largest modern cities derived from Greek colonies are probably Marseille in France (Massilia), in Italy (Neapolis, the "New City" -- remembered in the name of "Neapolitan" icecream), and Istanbul (originally Byzantion, later Constantinopolis -- ).

A summary of The Origin of Species in 's Charles Darwin

After some conflict and the rule of tyrants (especially Pisitratus), overthrown in 510, Cleisthenes led Athens into essentially pure democracy [].

Mary Shelley confirms Darwin's ideas through Frankenstein, when Dr....

The Egyptian name of Sebennytus is intriguing.

Rackham, 1932, 1998, Loeb Classical Library, Harvard University Press, p.442-443]Periander, the tyrant of Corinth (d.585 BC), asked Thrasybulus, who was the tyrant of Miletus (d.600 BC), how to govern.

They are clothed like birds with wings for covering, they see no light, they sit in darkness.

I now think I may have found the origin of this "laws" translation.

The convincing arguments and coherent evidence inherent in this induced subject retention and serious consideration of the topics that were comprehensively discussed.

The theme of the nature of life (most importantly that of man) in The Origin of Species is still a subject of tremendous and continuing debate.

Thus, one of the oldest stories in history remains grist for modern science fiction.

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Phoenician trading posts in Greece itself, reflected even in Greek mythology with stories like the foundation of Thebes by the Phoenician Cadmus, initiated Greek trading in the years after about 800 BC.